Wraith Ability Help Please :|


Could someone whos used the wraith and is good at understanding her abilites help me please or anyone that has any knowledge of the abilities system help …

On the 3rd star for wraiths abilities… warp blast im ok with cause all you have to do is damage multiple enemies 15 times unless theres an underlying part to this im not seeing it seems pretty simple but the other 3 are confusing me a bit. for example

Abduction says abduct hunters from team 225 times? does this mean for it to count i have to abduct someone while they are all together?

For decoy it says Stealth pounce 30 times while invisible ,but when i go to pounce it makes me visible again so how do i pounce without becoming visible?

Also for Supernova it says Damage using abilites 70 times while supernova is active ? What does this mean i have to attack just using melee while supernova is active or do i have to use my other abilites like warp blast or decoy and get decoy to get damage in while supernova is active? :expressionless:

any insight would be amazing please… i wish the abilites for the monsters and hunters had a little more detail to them .

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Yes, you have to abduct a hunter -away- from one or more team members. If you don’t abduct him from far enough, it won’t count though. It’s incredibly long to grind that star when compared to all the others. Try it with bots would be your best bet, I did it in a few hours of boring, BORING grinding, especially due to the clunky grab mechanic that doesn’t work half the time.

All you need to do is pop a decoy, and initiate a pounce on a hunter when you’re still invisible. The pounce has to land. You don’t have to incapacitate them or anything, so feel free to get off them as soon as you see the " sneak attack " message pop up. It’s probably the second easiest third star to unlock in my opinion.


But marginally less boring, correct? :wink: After all, it is Evolve!


How far is enough? ;o

And when i pounce it automatically turns me visible though like im invisible but soon as i go to pounce it turns me visible so is that counting or no? ;o also does it work for animals or will it only count if you do it to the hunters? ;o


Don’t know how far you need to go with Abduction, just find somebody that’s with a team member, sneak up on them and abduct one from that safe distance, it’ll probably count because they’ll be taken far away.

For decoy you don’t need to be invisible while doing the sneak attack, you just need to initiate it from stealth. Just pounce while invisible and make sure you land it, then it’ll count.

For Supernova it says damaging abilities so just use abduction and warp blast on targets that are inside supernova with you. It’s counter-intuitive but that’s what it’s asking for.


That one irks me.


Like I said. You just need to initiate the pounce while you’re invisible and land it on a hunter. It’s normal that you become visible as soon as you press the button. And again, as I’ve said, it needs to be a hunter. I tested it on wildlife, it didn’t work at all.

I can’t quite quantify it, but max out abduction to level three and just try to snipe them from as far as you can. What I’d do is simply make a custom game mode with 40 minutes as the set duration, against bots, and I’d level all the way to stage 3, then I’d start farming them as they grouped up at the relay. I can take a picture of the specific spot I used if you want. I used the map Distillery and simply camped around it. Just let them regroup after each abduction.

I can confirm that it does not. Tested it during my grindfest yesterday.


Oh, well that explains why it’s just 70 that you need to hit then. I’ll edit my post.


oh my gosh thats so tedious ur only invisible for like 10 seconds D: and half the time i dont even see the red circle that means u can sneak now or the sneak that pops up im so blind -__- … D: but yes please take a pic of the spot u used ive been farming on aviary for the mid air abduction ones :expressionless: i never even thought to wait till stage 3 and then camp the generator :expressionless:


Here’s how I did it. Rinse and repeat-- cooldown reduction perk helps.

( Oh and yes this is the Elite Wraith skin in-game. She’s gorgeous in all her sickly, diseased looks, isn’t she? )

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wow i like the whole white look the skin has i think im not sure but it looks like the wraith glows on dark maps sometimes ;o thanks for the pics ;O … putting all 3 stars in abduction helped but i mean 225 times? :expressionless: and i only got a 2 for the supernova last star i must be doing something wrong because i know supernova does tons of damage.


My exact reaction when I saw that number. I feel like they accidentally wrote 225 instead of 25. It’s ridiculously grindy.


its really getting on my nerves now :expressionless: … people dont want to grind in a game they want to enjoy it … i must of not gotten the memo that said people enjoy grinding in games now… -__- … and they keep effing killing me why does the wraith not have as much health as the other 2 monsters D:


are u kidding me i must have stealth pounced 6 times and its saying it moved up one! >:(


Eh. Prefer her default look.


ahh!! i finally got some pouncing while invisible in!! >:O not alot but its a start -___- …


i rather like the elite skin for the wraith though i think it looks the best ;O


My favourite is the Carnivore/Corpse Eater skin, I think. But this one is growing on me, and I plan to flaunt it around plenty since I worked for it. It might become my favourite very fast!


i actually really like the magma skin on the wraith ;O i like how it glows!!!


I’m a fan of her default colouring, but I’d go for a blue or black look. Same goes for Kraken. The magma skin is awesome on Goliath though.