Wraith Abilities can be Re-Tooled to Synergize Better [Video]


@MacMan @SlabOMeat @MaddCow This topic is a response to the Wraith 1.3 Changes; but since it diverts so greatly from simply talking about the patch I’ve taken the liberty to form this new topic. I’d like to talk about Re-Tooling Wraith. As someone who has played her for hundreds of games I can tell you that root of Wraith’s problems isn’t a matter of balance, it’s that she has some design flaws. Though the ways to fix already exist in the game!

I’ve created this video further explaining Wraith. These are my personal critique but I put a lot of time and effort into making this presentation for everyone, including the developers, to have ease of access to those ideas and opinions of a serious Wraith player.

Check out the Video on Youtube!

Complete Transcript of the Redesign Video

Pseudo-Patch Notes (List of changes recommended in the video)

Wraith - Retooling her abilities as to adjust balance without buffing her movement speed; Warp Blast is a less powerful damage dealer, Abduction offers limited range but a wider range of uses, Decoys are now player controlled and do not do any damage, and finally Super Nova has been changed to Nova Cloud offering more defensive utility rather than damage.

  • Wrap
  • Distance traveled increased by 10%.
  • Wrap Blast
  • Speed increased by 30%
  • Radius reduced by 50% on all levels.
  • Abduction
  • Range no longer levels up.
  • Now retreats greater distances when leveled up.
  • Decoy (Option 1)
  • No longer does phsyical damage.
  • Is now contolled by the player as they were the decoy. (Like Bucket’s UAV)
  • Original Wraith now becomes indestructable during the decoy’s lifespan.
  • Orignal Wraith is cloaked and cannot be revealed during decoy’s lifespan.
  • Decoys copy the Wraith’s current health and armor and now take damage. 10% of damage done to the Decoy is converted to armor. (Up to a max limit)
  • Leveling up the Decoy increases traversal usage, lifespan, and max armor returned.
  • Decoy (Option 2)
  • Reduced cooldown time by 1 second.
  • No longer does physical damage.
  • Is now controlled by the player using a laser. (Like Bucket’s Missiles)
  • Original Wraith is cloaked and cannot be revealed during decoy’s lifespan.
  • Wraith is unable to eat while cloaked.
  • Wraith can still move but at greatly reduced speed.
  • Decoys copy the Wraith’s current health and armor and now take damage. 10% of damage done to the Decoy is converted to armor. (Up to a max limit)
  • Leveling up the Decoy increases traversal usage, lifespan, and max armor returned.
  • Super Nova is now known as Nova Cloud.
  • Duration increased by 20%
  • Wraith no longer receives damage or speed bonuses while within the cloud.
  • Hunters cannot see the Wraith within the cloud unless they too are within the cloud.
  • Now inflicts a burn to hunters who touch the cloud.
  • Radius of the cloud and duration of burn increases when leveled up.
  • Nova Cloud can be prematurely ended by Wrap Blast but increases Wrap Blast radius by 50%.
  • Increased cooldown time by 2 seconds.

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Nope. Decoy is perfect the way it is.


You in no way watched a 20 minute which explains the changes.


I got to the video, and i still disagree.


It will never not do damage.

All abilities do damage.


If the decoy doesn’t do damage but now takes damage, it would be worse than useless - it would be detrimental to the Wraith to use it.

Edit: I read that wrong. That would actually be very useful.


The benefit of your idea of decoy relies on bad play from the other team. It’s too easily countered by people checking their fire.


"Perfect Cloak" Should be explained better; which means that nothing can break it and nothing can detect it, not even flame.


Some good points but what I don’t like about the decoy is his knocback, sometimes it feels like you’re getting hit by a vortex and plus the damage… I think they should change the knockback at least.


That’s even worse. The reason it was changed was because of huge stalling potential in domes. Your suggestion would make it much worse by not allowing teams to punish.


I watched your video, and I kind of get where you’re coming from in terms of creating a synergy. But a lot of your suggestions are only tailored to your preferred playstyle, and you can’t guarantee how people are going to use it.

For example, it is possible to get sufficiently high using 2 traversals for an effective abduction. However, you obviously preferred to use a warp blast in addition to supplement this. That’s well and good, but it makes no sense to rebalance the game to favour your playstyle.

I feel you underestimate the negative implications in terms of the degenerate playstyles and exploits that your suggestions might introduce.


After watching the entire video I have a couple things to note on:

Warp Blast - I think that your suggestion about slightly small blast radius is good but I’m not sure about increasing its range if they were to also increase the Wriath’s traversal speed. However, if the traversal speed is kept the same I think increasing the range of warp blast would be a good idea.

Abduction - I loved the idea of keeping the max range of abduction the same but increasing the “retreat distance” with each point

Decoy - Even those these ideas are not bad I believe they are a little too radical of a change from the current decoy. They would also only be effective with stealth wraiths which is not the only playstyle (noted by others). I think the decoy should be controlled more somehow but I am unsure as to how exactly that would be done.

Supernova - I liked some of the idea but not 100% of it. Making the Wraith invisible to anyone not in the radius I think is a plus. However, the burn damage inside the radius is a negative. It would likely cause the hunters to not want to enter the radius which would make it similar to the behemoth’s rock wall when escaping. Then again you could always abduct and/or pounce a hunter in the radius for some massive punishment. Even so I believe the burn damage is unnecessary all together.

One suggestion that I could think for the supernova is to make the supernova also give the Wraith some damage resistance. The wraith is squishy (like it is supposed to be) but I like the idea of having the supernova making the wraith more durable during a close quarter fight. The damage resistance percent would also increase with points into the skill.


After all the constant discussion about Wraith over the past couple of months, you’d think this topic would be a bit more active you know?


:sleepy: I commented on the idea


Loved the idea of an increased retreat distance on abduction. :slight_smile:


Yeah if anything gets taken away from this whole video and put into the game, I really hope it’s that one idea. The way Abduction works now is okay, but I can’t get the image out of my head. Somehow it just feels like Abduction, as it is right now, is on par with the idea of a Goliath using his leap traversals to jump unto hunters to use a very limited range ground pound ability – you know a Leap Smash without the “Leap” part already built in.

Edit: @MacMan - I’m sure you guys are super busy for the upcoming patch release, so I’m being patient. I do hope you guys take time to comment in this thread; I put a lot of effort making this presentation just for you guys.


Here were some of the things I said


Everyone is apparently too busy working on the new Patch today to notice this thread. :sob:


Seriously absolutely no developer feedback from this yet? Come on guys.


They just dropped a patch and dlc. Patience is a virtue. :blush: