Wraith Abduction Nerf/Buff/Rework


Nerf/Buff/Rework,wathever suits you,also Crying if you like to take that way

Wraith Abduction has to be one of the most Broken thing on his arsenal,by broken i do not mean OP,but ABUSED

But how?,the ability is easily used (abused) at close range to deal EASY damage,hunters literally CANNOT escape this ability at close range,they are going to take 100% damage from it no matter wat they do to avoid it

Yes i read wraith is a pub stomper and is easily the 2nd Weakest monster in the game against a premade team ( 1st being behemoth),wat im askin is for a nerf for using it at close range,possibly like the further you travel with abduction the more damage it racks up,but at close range it will Deal no damage or it will deal WAY less damage, in the mean time you could give it a damage buff when hes travelled very far,say like…,wraith begin using abduction to abduct a target that is 65 meters away,once hes done abducting the target,the damage will be like 700-1000 Damage ,but if he uses it at close range it will be like 100-200 damage


changing abduction in a distance/damage is a interesting suggestions
i see that could be a issue again some assault forcing to use hit and run tactic against them
and maybe there is a issue with change of the learning curve making her harder to learn and master but power full when done
but could also help wraith with some unbreakable defense at rank 3
still i love the ideal but maybe 100 -200 is a bit much but this will have to get balance anyways if it get implemented


Using Abduct at close range also has a lot of drawbacks usually. Let’s say you’re in a dome and all 4 Hunters are up sure you abduct 1 but the other 3 are pounding you with damage while the animation is going off.

In my opinion here’s how Abduct should be changed…after you Abduct a Hunter you should be able to control which direction you go after that…for the same amount of distance traveled initially.

The way it is now with a long Abduct the Hunters know where you are going to end up and bam all Hank has to do is pop the Orbital Barrage. Abducting a Tinkerbell Hunter from the sky well that’s guaranteed right there you’re losing at least 2 bars of armor or health.


Huh? You are suggesting that you give players the ability to move after hitting an abduct for the same distance as they traveled to abduct the target, correct? How would the hank know where you are going with an abduct? You could literally move anywhere in like a 60 meter radius if you are abducting from a long distance.

Also, that probably wont happen since it gives the Wraith more out of combat movement. She already fast dawg. This would allow her to move another like 120 meters every time she abducts a random wildlife.


This is a senseless change in my opinion and not one that needs to be made. Abduction is an ability that greatly falls off the further you go with it and so nerfing it’s close range capabilities is like making it useless.

No. I’m very against it.


What level do you have on Wraith op?


Figured someone would ask that

I do not play wraith,she’s just not my playstile,im speakin as mostly hunter player (altough if im forced to go monster ill do it) ,but if i Do get bored of Goliath,she would be my second monster to try it out,and a build i would use would be Supernova,warp blast and abduction all maxed out,decoy left out because i cant find a use for the The thing


Well I played Wraith since this game when free to play and I don’t think you should play Wraith right now (like just don’t do that if you want to win if you just want to have fun that yes go for it). And the biggest problem with your suggestion is that abduction is very easy to dodge / outplay if you go for a max long abduction. But lets say that you do get that max damage abduct and you get a free strike. The hunters are going to be like “Lets doom this guy because he can’t do damage close range.” and you are going to lose every doom fight with a 100-200 damage abduct … so basically you lose consistency for a lot of damage very hard conditioned to get and very easy to outplay.


You!,do have a point…,but the Abduction is so easy to use on close range and deals more than 500 damage once upgraded to 3,with warp blast you CAN Dodge it,but hard to do it,thats atleast balanced,but with abduction?,its impossible to dodge it on close range and you will take 500 damage no matter wat you try to do,play against a wraith that uses abduction all the time at close range,then tell me how it feels,and No,im not telling you to “learn before commenting” with that


I think I have like 70+ games on Wraith and I get your problem but still Wraith is one of the worst monsters at the moment and getting to stage 3 it’s so hard at the moment because she will lose 90% of the fights early game and when she does evolve she might bug and instantly lose the game ( I can’t even try to play her because of that). But personally I think that Wraith needs a lot of work / rework so maybe they will make her a better character to play against.


Using abduct(close or far) against a team with a Hyde/Parnell/Markov/Torvald/Kala/Cabot is a death sentence.

We KNOW the monster is returning to the start point, the Wraith is going to get pasted…

Throw a stink bomb, fire rockets, etc.

Abduct = easy damage to armor/health


You need to play her less as a brawler and more as a melee assassin.

Strike when and where they least expect it.

Slip away and when they spread out to find / chase, hit the most isolated player.

Throw your decoy to distract and ambush them from the side…

I usually get 1-2 strikes on people in stage 1 domes and rarely if ever lose a bar of health.

If you’re brawling, you’re doing it wrong.


I am not playing because I can’t ( I want to play her to get her prime skin). And like I think against some team you just can’t play her as an assassin because if they never split you can’t assassinate anyone and in my games the hunters rarely slip. And on top of that there are just better monster at the moment from every point of view.


If they’re clustered up, bully them with warp blast and nova.

Grounder perk works great for extra punishment.

Throw the decoy to pull the attention of the Assault or to bully the support/medic and get in the face of the medic/support, whoever is more vulnerable and just slash the crap out of them. When your target flees back to the team, warp blast 2-3 of them for bonus dmg.

I’m usually 20k+ dmg with warp blast because the idiots cluster up.


I wish they buff all her skills to goliath level, and u will all cry… Because it’s nonsense(still op/cry threads). Im a Kraken/Wraith/Medic main(im good monster), and even i have a problems with pugs as wraith(and it’s ridicilous), cause i know: im better, than my opponents. And if i will be as wraith vs premade team - game over… 0 chances to win(nerfed to the ground).

One more thing: 80% hunter players noobs. Why? Because they don’t know which skill to dodge and which to not. Why? Because they can pew pew and win the game, yeah


You should be able to snag the hunter and drag him around for a set ammount of time, the higher level the skill the more time you can hold onto the hunter, like in the wraiths reveal trailer waaaaay back in legacy.

Such a wasted opportunity, being focused? snag the hunter you’re focusing and fly to a better spot to keep hammering him :smiley:


im am not here to discuss either how good you are at the game ,thinkin back i think it was not even necessary for me to say if im a hunter player or not…,wouldn’t make a difference,or would it?,i have no idea

one thing is certain,Devs need to rework wraith for her to be viable against premade/ranked,but we could give them ideas too,i am sharing a idea i got ( or maybe im askin for nerf/rework of a certain ability,whatever suits you)


They need to give her SN proc for the Decoy + invis again and give her hp back. Right now 2\4 wraith skills - useless. Play as wraith 10-15 games, and then come back here.

ps. And there is a big difference, cause u are hunter player)


an another idea,wonder how it would work,well,wraith is a melee >assasin<,i think this would be a good idea,just…,make sure for this ability not to deal huge chunks of damage…


while i agree on the SN and Decoy thing,i cant agree on the health,wraith is very elusive already,wait,why are we speakin on buffin her other abilities when we are talkin about her Abduction???