Wraith Abduction idea


Would it be good idea if after abduction Wraith would drop hunter behind it’s back? In the end of Abduction she turns 180 so she is closer to hunters, not abducted hunter.


This has been discussed but we are all still debating on this :unamused:


My bad, didn’t find it on search, sorry for that.


No its not a thread at all in fact this is the first thread regarding it. It’s just on other wraith threads this option has been brought up but never really discussed until you made this thread so you are not int he wrong here :smile:


Or maybe add the behemoth tongue grab effect? ( the bubbles that shows that your target is in range)


Abduction is pretty long rang, you want see that bubble. Instead, they could highlight the aim if someone is in reach.


or maybe they could have the hunter/wildlife making wraith particles