Wraith abduction glitch


So i was playing with bots, and my friend abducted me ( i was trapper ) and at the moment he got me i switched to support and all of the sudden the trapper was back on the ground and the support got abducted. I tried it multiple times with the same result. Sorry if this has allready been posted, couldn’t find anything.


Don’t know if it is a glitch or not. I mean you in a way purposely or not tried to get out of being abducted. So by switching hunter types and still being the one caught I would be safe to assume it was meant to be. You were taken in a bots game so even by switching characters, you are still the initial abductee. Makes sense to me lol, but honestly who knows.


If i’m playing medic and i get abducted it would be a nice move to switch to assault so he can use his personal shield… seems unfair?


Yes, it would be nice I agree but then what’s the point if all you have to do is switch players. I didn’t make the game so I won’t criticize it. You have a good point but, ultimately there’s little that can be done with that specific aspect I would assume anyway. Hopefully they can it for bot matches to fit your liking :smile:.


It would most definitely be a bug


Switching characters in a bot game wouldn’t be cheating or unfair, as the monster still takes out that character, and it is only a bot match. This is a bug and should be patched, if not already.