Wraith abduction freeze?


I am a big fan of Evolve in general. I love the info that i find here. I just played a hunt mission on the xbox1 with the wraith and every time i used the abduction ability my wraith would freeze in the aiming pose with the sight tunnel. I could barely move and couldn’t do any thing. I was a sitting duck essentially and I didn’t last too long. Has this happened to anyone else?


Yeah It’s happened to me in a laggy lobby. I think that might be the case, but I’m not too sure.


i was having some issues with lag that day too. Thanks i’ll keep a look out to see if it continues.


Having the problem on PC aswell,happened me about maybe 10 minutes ago.


i thought it might be a bug attached to the new update. was there an update on the PC?


It’s still happening, 2 games for me, last night. It generally causes the monster to lose the game. It sucks. Please fix it.


Seems it’s all platforms as I sometimes get this on ps4