Wraith abduction dealing damage but not grabbing


I’ve noticed an unusual bug MANY times now where abduction will deal damage to a hunter, but not actually grab and abduct him. I have about 40 hrs playtime as wraith with all masteries maxed, so I’ve used the monster quite extensively, and my play-style revolves around abduction as a main ability. I’ve seen this bug happen so many times now that I figured I’d finally report it. Many times it’s been quite annoying and frustrating to see abduction take a chunk of health away and yet NOT grab. Several times I’ve even incapacitated hunters like this, still with no grab.

Has anyone else experienced this or at least seen it? I was watching a streamer a couple of days ago (giantchiprel) play wraith and the same thing happened to him, so I know this is an issue with the game itself.

1st Micro Patch Discussion (4/9/15)

Congratulation you have found 1 of 10 milion bugs. You can be prooud of yourself. :blush:


Douchebag aside…

Yes I’ve seen this bug happen many times as well and it kinda makes it difficult at times. Not to mention the whole AoE of Abduction seems to be really weird and have a lot of inconsistencies because I’ve had moments where I fly past people thinking I missed and suddenly there’s a hunter in my arms as I’m returning to the original location.


yep. happens a lot.
also hitting a hunter full in the face and not abducting happens…
and flying past a hunter and still end up with him when you already lost hope of catching someone.

its a weird mechanic, heavily influenced by lag.


@Major_Warrior & Ryaneko

Yea I’m having similar experiences, where abduction clearly should have grabbed (wraith model contacts hunter model), and then times where it clearly should not have grabbed (hunter not even close, teleports into arms of wraith). I guess the ability needs some fine tweaking then, glad to hear it’s not only on my end.


I know it might be well known, but record it and slap it here for the devs to see and fix.


I’m sure they’ll see it when they have enough people on their end go Wraith and attempt to Snipe a Hunter thats dropping from the drop ship.

I’d do an Xbox Record That but I broadcast all the time so I can’t.


I’ve seen a bug where it stops short of drawing them back due to colliding with terrain somehow, but never this.

I call it a bug because I’d think it would stop on approach if there was terrain in the area - heaven knows the ability will get caught on the smallest twigs.


This exact problem has happened to me. I can’t record it because my video card can’t handle recording and playing evolve. But I have a new card in the mail soon. I’ll try to record it.

Just as you said, wraith will warp in, slash the target (do damage), and then warp back, without actually grabbing them. It’s very frustrating. I don’t understand how lag and hit boxes are an issue with this, because obviously the game registered a hit - THEY TOOK DAMAGE! So how come they aren’t being grabbed?


Macman had actually talked about this he said that it was some sort of code that is from abducting large monsters (cant grab them so they just do damage) and it is registering on the hunter.


I found the quote right here:

Also, after scouring the forums, it sounds like you abduct with your FEET, and so if you aim just over the head, you land more abducts…at least that’s what other people are saying. And, when aiming abduct, you don’t lead your target, because the game calculates if it’s a hit or a miss upon release of the trigger, so if you release and the hunter jet boosts away from where you were aiming, they’ll warp back into your arms.


A really close miss he says. Sorry that’s utter BS. If a Hunter stands completely still they have a chance to take damage but not get grabbed, for example I try abducting an oblivious Val, direct hit, didn’t grab her.
Same with Bucket when he is in UAV mode, impossible to grab sometimes.