Wraith Abduction Animation (Stuck) Glitch


Been a long time since i’ve posted on the forums (i think around august). But anyway, I was playing the game today and finally unlocked Wraith. Towards the end of my first game with her, I went to do a some what close range abduction and got stuck in the animation where you should be pulling back. Needless to say it was funny but also terrifying because i almost lost from an orbital barrage called in while i was stuck after taking basically no damage prior to being stuck lol. I do get harpooned, but i stay stuck even after the harpoon goes away :confused: I posted a video of it (and the last 4 min of the match with a little bit of humor in annotations), so here’s the link:

If you skip to ~1:10 thats when the glitch happens.

Im assuming this is just one of those rare glitches that almost no one experiences, but might as well look into it i guess. Thanks.


welp. i had warpblast glitch out into solid rock, though.
wraith is a serious bug magnet…


Wow. I cant believe you won that. Hank wasted no time with that orbital once you were stuck lol


Yea tat has also happened to me and its my only wraith loss but mine never free’d me I just got but raped for 1 minute.


I was going to make a topic on this and i know this one is 3 months old but bump… this still happens…

Looks as though i cancelled the heavy attack punch into abduct and that caused it to glitch out. Secondly towards the end of video Maggie jetpacks up and it looks like she also gets stuck in the air before i abduct kill her.

I was spamming all buttons and found out when the abduct cooldown finished you could get out. Thats what the 2nd abduct was which also got stuck. 3rd one grabbed maggie and got it unstuck.