Wraith Abduct + Terrible Latency = Crap


Not raging on wraith, just specifically what happened in this match.
Below is a compilation of clips from one match, the abducts shown are ONLY the ones that happened to me/were visible to me, there were many others that happened out of LOS.

In the video there are 6 abducts, rate them 1-5 on how “fair” you think they are
(5 being completely fair, 1 being complete crap)

My ratings:
1 - 2, He was fairly close, but I definitely don’t think he was close enough
2 - 4, I think this one was too close to tell, and I give the benefit of the doubt here…zombie was jumping up
3 - 2, He was close again, but I dodged him (watch my jet-pack fuel), the fact that he missed to my right AND I was actively moving left makes me disagree with this one
4 - 1, Total miss, I don’t think this one can be argued very much
5 - 0, I have the biggest issue with this one, I think it speaks for itself…
6 - 1, This one I also disagree with greatly, but I didn’t get the absolute entire view of it so I can’t say for sure

P.S. Not mad,just annoyed. What made it worse is that it was getting really close, we may have won but he either lagged out, or quit shortly after the last clip.
Not making this to call anyone out, just curious to see what others think.

Stay friendly please!

EDIT: Lololololol, forgot to link to the video :stuck_out_tongue:


I know the feeling.


Yeah, that one is definitely just as bad, if not worse than any of the ones I had.