Wraith Abduct Aiming Bug



In a significant percentage of games that I’ve played as Wraith in Stage 2, I’ve triggered a bug that removes the cone aim reticle thing that shows you the path that the abduct will follow. Once this bug is triggered, the display will be gone for every subsequent use of the ability until I evolve. I have to date had 2 games in which the bug happened, I evolved, the Abduct went back to normal, and the bug triggered a second time later in the match.

I honestly have no idea how to replicate this one. It seems to just come and go depending on how many times I use Abduct consecutively in a match.


also happen to me one time but still manage to hit the target (with 30 abduct in the game)
pretty rare bug (at least for me)
sadly did not have the footage and no ideal how to replicate this one