Wraith... A.K.A Fun Killer


I’ve come to this forum to find out if people feel the same way or if I am alone in this…

Me and 3 friends play as an experienced, well managed team of hunters, we wreck online when we are together, undefeated streaks galore, and we have great fun doing so.

Now… When we play against a Wraith, whether we win or lose, I literally become bored of Evolve. I have great fun fighting Goliaths and Krakens, but Wraiths really do bore the absolute hell out of me to the point where I will play a different game.

Theres no chase unless the Monster wants one, there is no fight unless the Monster wants one. It is just so boring that the will to continue is lost… I repeat myself when I say that me and my group are experienced and we certainly are skilled enough to kill it, as we have multiple times. But a good Wraith player is a million times better off than 4 good hunters.

Does anyone else feel like this?