Wraith 6.0 changes?

Did Wraith actually get any changes in the update? So far all I’ve seen is a bug fix and a nerf to the only strength she had left:

Nope, the only thing that she got is a Buff to be exactly the 25% armour after an evolution.
EDIT:And some bug fixes it seems huh.

  • Abduction hitboxes were adjusted (it’s extremely reliable now).
  • Wraith’s air heavy attacks will no longer always be heavy attacks.
  • The traversal bug is fixed on consoles.

I think they fixed all AI. Like her Decoy is a little less buggy and better at targeting hunters. Her Abduction is also a little cleaner with performance. And auto lock was taken off, so she won’t automatically warp towards or attack the nearest hunter which was annoying in the past.

R.I.P in pies.

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Well it was fun while it lasted, what’s your plan from here on Shred? Looks like the ship is now well and truly sunk, think it’s time to switch out. Thankfully Gorgon seems fun for now, best get all the good games I can before she gets nerfed into the dirt in the name of “fun”.

Gorgon was always my planned ship to sail with. I’ll go down with that ship when the nerf cannon starts firing.

All we can do, just need to hope our heads are still above water by the time the 6th monster rolls around and we can get a break from the 5 different brawlers in the game.

Meh, Gorgon’s wall sticking is enough for me to love her. The ceilings… The walls… They ooze green slime!

It is pretty cool, though the web zip feels a bit clunky. Any idea how fast the trail it leaves disappears?

I was under the impression they last the normal time.

I will have to see and test out how this change feels. If things go as I have interpreted this change you will very much be able to still pull off a stunlock but not for nearly as long or as frequently as before.

It all comes down to timing the recharge of your heavy perfectly in sync with abduction. I think the only thing that really got hit was the frequency of being able to pull it off.