Wraith 3 star challenges


Ok, so i just got 2-star with the wraiths abilities. After looking at what i need to do to get elite just blows my mind. I can understand the warp blast, supernova, and decoy challenges cause those aren’t that bad. BUT if look at abduction, you need to abduct hunters from team 225 times… I feel like this number needs to be lowered drastically. Maybe like 70-80, but 225 is outrageous. TRS please take a look at this and lower that number.


Nah it’s good enough, it does not need to lower the Abduction because you might be bored after you have unlocked everything and it’s not like you “must” unlock everything in 6 days or something like that.

Anyway the Abduction is NOT that hard as it seems like, it’s acctualy pretty easy to do.


Most 3 star masteries are a pain, but then the monsters have even bigger #s to reach since there’s fewer of them, and some are tough to pull off consistently - mid-air abductions, mid-air rock throws. My only problem with some of them is that when they go from having to accumulate damage or just use an ability successfully to needing to do some very specific thing, it makes it so you’re playing and grinding to do that specific thing and sometimes that’s not what you should be focusing on in a match. I don’t mind it taking awhile to do, I just think it should always be something you’re likely to accomplish by doing what you’re supposed to be doing anyway in high-level play.

On the “first” character, Markov, the Monster needs to hit 2 mines w/o you taking any damage like 60 times. As Assault, it doesn’t matter if you take damage between the Monster hitting your mines, so why isn’t it just like a certain # of mines per match? In most cases you don’t want them stacked together cuz they’re not gonna just rush into them (unless you’re playing against the AI to grind), so it seems arbitrary. This is just an example, but there’s quite a few that have fairly arbitrary requirements for 3 stars that don’t require “mastery” of a skill so much as luck, or just focusing on doing it to the exclusion of anything else. Seems like every character has one 3rd mastery star for an ability that’s just head-scratchingly specific.