Wraith 2.1.1

  • Wraith
    Traversal Stamina
    Fully recharges 2 seconds faster when in combat

I approve of these changes. Subtle, but the 2 seconds in combat is nice; however, I still have to use the 50% Stamina Perk to be nimble enough for combat.


Can I ask you something? Is the Stamina perk and its added mobility worth sacrificing DI, DR or CDR? I use those more often- WP comes up rapidly or hits like a truck- and I don’t know whether to swap or not.


Sounds nice too. ^.^
I like it, she needed it.


Depends on your play style. I like to be nimble and run circles around them so they have a hard time hitting me. If I’m faster I take less hits, it’s basically one of the best defense perks you can get because if used right it will give you much more damage reduction than the silly 15% perk.


I use DI and CDR because I like to hit hard, fast and then bail. I’ll look into Traversal though, thanks. :slight_smile:


You mean you’ve never heard of Supernova Decoy? Noob!



While I do think traversal cooldown makes it easier to escape/evade unfavourable fights, I still think in combat the 15% damage reduction is more effective.


I’m happy about this I think she needed it as well. I generally don’t take the stamina perk anyway so this will help me some.


Depends on your like of playing Captain Sky Wraith.


I love Sky Wraith, and DI and CDR tie. NOt sure which is better.