Wrait Elite


the abductions take so much time is there a was too make them less thant 225 ?


I think 225 is excessive. VERY much so.

But oh well-- I still did it anyway. It’s worth the grind, she’s beautiful with her pale, sickly skin!


Is it only for abducting hunters or can it be wildlife too?


Hunters only. And you have to abduct one while they’re grouped up, … and you have to bring him away from the group. Far from the group.

It’s a pain. Every other skill is easy, but abduct’s third star is incredibly grindy.


only 40 Abductions Left :smiley:


You can do it!


The elite monster skins are so much more “elite” than the elite hunter skins unfortunately…


id be there if i didnt get reset for the 3rd time now… :laughing:

oh well not like the unlockgrind is hard lol


The cabot elite skin looks actually realy nice


It does look pretty cool actually, just looked it up.


gold blue railgun <3