Wow. Trying to get in a pub game is especially terrible tonight


I realize trying to get in to pub games, I shouldn’t expect much. But man. Five lobbies with people that backed out because they wanted to play Kala but I got support first. So I let a guy have it and played Emet. No big deal. Then I get a game where I do play Kala, and the hunter is just walking around looking at plants and stuff. Lol. Had to back out of that one. This is all on top of long wait times because there’s so many people trying to play Kala right now and so few monsters. It’s a good night for pubbing I guess. Lol


Yeah it always sucks the initial few days of new release,that’s why I’d prefer TRS to release the monster adaptations with the hunter so each set of players are happy.

I mean at present all the monster players want some of Kala aswell so there’s no monsters too face!

Give it a week it will soon wear off…


Probably the best thread for this.


Meh, slightly different I’d say. That thread is for a bad game or something bad that happened. I’m talking about not even really being able to play Hunt at the moment because of how “Kala Crazy” everyone is.


Yeah, that crap has been happening with me too. Stinks.