Wow this game got cheap!


I found a shop that sells Evolve with pre-order content for less than 10$.

Finally I can convince all my friends who were reluctant to pay the full price to play!

But… how do you guys at TRS feel about that price?


A lot of people were unwilling to buy the game at full price, so such a huge price cut and the addition of free variations will hopefully convince more people to try out this gem in the rough.


It doesn’t feel right to sell this unique game for that low of a price, but there are tons of bugs lol


Eh. I’m not TRS, but I feel that Evolve should have gone a different route and should be a bigger success than it is now. I mean, this game is utterly a unique title in both terms of content and gameplay, yet, 2K (people that did TRS wrong) wanted to have the game come with Day 1 DLC, instead of the skins being unlockable. Like for the Medic Savior skin, I feel they should’ve made challenges for the first 3 medics since they came with the base game. For example, Laz could have required 50 revives for that skin, and 100 more for one of the other Day 1 DLC skins.


They needed more content that’s free upon release.


I think that the low price is getting the game into even more peoples hands. Been seeing a lot of beginers on XB1.

I wish they would add more paid DLC to the game to both make back some money and try to bring more old players back to try new content.


Agreed, there isn’t one of my friends that wouldn’t buy someone the second it came out for Evolve. Playing currently, or taking a break.


I think people mistakenly chalk up a majority of Evolves qualms to a bad consumer reception and that the publisher 2K messed up the release process. I feel like people have forgotten that this game garnered a healthy following despite its issues, until T4 ushered in a second, more potent wave of bugs. In my personal opinion this game was starting to stagnant because players felt like they were not getting the changes they needed/wanted. Regardless of the good intentions of the developers.

In my opinion the loss of the playerbase has nothing to do with 2k and a couple of pay gated skins. It has more to do with the culmination of all the changes in this game being dissatisfactory… So much so that it requires an extreme code overhaul 1 yr and a half after release, just to see the concept done right.


I would’ve loved more unlockable skins, but I don’t get why Evolve got so much flack for having a bunch of cosmetic DLC. Tons of games do that and people eat it up. That will always be a mystery to me.


I know, right? People will pay $1.99 for a new COD weapon or a few camos, but when they see the prices for Evolve, they freak out and say it’s too much.


it was not the same thing , evolve had no skin at release i paid for a 89$ dollars game with season pass , the only skin you can unclok was poor weapon variation , and it one of the first game where you need to buy a second season pass !!! when the game is already dead ! the marketing system of the game was the worst in the last ten years in video game if i was a dev i would insult so much the guy who ruin my work and made this choice, Overwatch gonna be a lesson for 2K , this game was huge but destroyed by some ppl who never realized they loose all playerbase and keep wanted making money .


the game definitely isn’t dead. The playerbase is hurting, specifically on PC, but consoles are still going strong. After the new Update I bet more people will come.


85 player online 2 hours ago when i wanna play lol , man 85 players !!! the only thing who can make ppl back is to put the game free to play


Like I said, PC has been hit the hardest. The update will be here soon, and people will return.


Believe me, it has everything to do with 2k. Every single time I tried to get more people to play on other forums I go to, users responded with “I’m not gonna support greedy companies!”, “Yeah, DLC platform, sounds like fun!”.

Also “Game is dead”, which I find to be a stupid reason, because it leads to a vicious cycle. (game has few players, people don’t want to join because it has few players, so game naturally can’t get more players).

Lately I got about 5 of my friends to join the game. I hope they will spread the news to others and let the playerbase grow a little bit.


I wouldn’t say they had everything to do with it, but in general yeah their bad PR & Content pricing management was the pitfall/catalyst for people not giving the game a chance in the first place.


Christ, it’s difficult to read your paragraph. That aside, you’re not even stating true info. The game came with a skin for each hunter and monster and if you bought the season pass, you got another skin for each monster.

In the end, these are strictly cosmetics. Do I wish there were more to unlock? Absolutely, but that is beside the point. What I said was, plenty of other games pull this same shit and they don’t see this kind of backlash. I don’t understand why Evolve is different.

The pass was never a season pass, it was a hunting season pass. I think that’s a clever name, but I can see why it confused people. However, this was well after the huge day one DLC debacle.

I actually think this game had a great marketing campaign. Lots of exposure and positive reviews before release, but come release day, it just didn’t get off the ground like it should’ve.


This is pretty much what I’ve been saying as well. Skins are just cosmetic, would be nice to have more but it’s not going to make much of a difference either way.

And yeah, ‘hunting season pass’ was just a clever name for what was essentially a character bundle. But because it had ‘season pass’ in the name people assumed it was a normal season pass (and then freaked out when a second one was revealed).


Me I personally think they should have waited to release the game so that they can have 36 hunters and 20 monsters withs a good amount of gamemodes upon release. Then people wouldn’t complain about DLC characters and stuff.


Overwatch is going to be an interesting study, that’s for sure. How much will brand Blizzard push them through I wonder.