WoW: the movie


Don’t have a PC and never played WoW, but the movie looks okay.
Nothing that I would go out of my way to see, but I would red box it down the line.


Still waiting on a MGS, evolve, megaman, SF (a good one) to come out.


Evolve I could see being like a short film, nothing too major. Or even like a small series.

Isn’t MGS already a movie or is that just the hours of cutscenes. KappaRoss.

I never saw the SF movie, didn’t know there was one haha but it can’t be as bad as Mortal Kombat(s).

And which Megaman are we talking? Original or the lame future ones


Honestly, I would love a TV series for evolve. Like daredevil and gotham. Would be sick

MGS…Oh I need one. It would be actually be good.

I just would like a goof SF movie. The SF II V was good.

Megaman…never seen one.


I was talking about the Megaman cartoons haha.

An evolve show would be legit, maybe have each Tier be a new season with season one being the recruitment phase/ending with them encountering Goliath.


Done. Make it happen.


@MacMan @Matthew make this happen :wink:


I feel like Matt does a good job telling the story as is, but if I had to choose a medium for further exploring the evolve universe, it’d be a story mode in game, a comic, an animated series, or a book series in that order of preference.

Speaking of WoW, the lore is actually really interesting, and I hope the movie is good. I was beyond put off by the heavy CGI/live action mixing. Pick one or the other, because it shits on my immersion.


Still waiting for that Elder Scrolls movie Bethesda said they were thinking about. Like three years ago. And haven’t mentioned again. Even once.


why have a Skyrim movie when you can have a fallout movie!?! that would be like, 10x better!


I agree, but Skyrim was more popular than all of the Fallout games pre-Fallout 4. It made a big splash in the gaming community.


A comic would be pretty cool.

I know nothing about the lore of WoW haha. But with the effects they used it reminded me of…a movie I cannot think of at the moment, but it was about a man and he fought monsters I believe? It was also a video game as well.


Van Helsing?


Nope not that one haha


Incredibly descriptive my friend :stuck_out_tongue:


It was so long ago haha


Where evolution, began

In a galaxy torn by war, where the worst Monsters mankind has ever faced, were those they created themselves, a new threat appears. Creatures, Monsters born of our very nightmares have assaulted the world known as Factor, and their only purpose seems to be bringing destruction to everything in their path.

Or, OR,

Humans used to thrive on the planet Shear. But the Stars have brought light to a new breed of hatred. Monsters have been unleashed on Shear in full force, and the only team that may have a chance of saving the colony, may have to focus on saving themselves.
Starring Nicholas Cage as William Cabot, Michael Chiklis as Alexi Markov, Scarlett Johansson as Val, Halle Berry as Maggie, Will Ferrel as her faithful companion Daisy, and Miley Cyrus, as her slightly prettier counterpart. (Gorgon)


No! No Miley!!!


I hate her too, don’t worry. XD
That’s the first time I’ve ever called her Miley. Be sure to put a bullet in my head if I say it ever again, because it’s probably not the real me. :stuck_out_tongue:


@RickSanchez right now