Wow! Someone who gets it!


Kudos to this guy!


To bad it wont make a single difference to the circle jerkers on the internet.


“The only people playing are taking it seriously.”

It might not be great for 2K - but the fact that the worst of the ephemeral gamers have completely neglected this game without bothering to play it is working out for the community. I’ve noticed that the level of teamplay has naturally improved with just random players, and everybody isn’t a raving douchenozzle.


That’s a amazing article and something I bookmarked. Awesome read and thanks for sharing.


lets take it from the top

**10. The DLC Really Doesn’t Matter **. - thats simply untrue, monsters and hunters are both coming in DLC for real money and they will effect the gameplay severely, i cant wait to see the new hunters they bring out though i can admit, maps are free and skins dont matter i agree though

9. All Future Downloadable Maps Are Free - no argument here

8. There’s A Great Offline Single Player - we dont even need to review this, when presented with internet this “great offline singe player” is immediately torn out and outdone massively

7. Its Second And Third Impressions Are Better Than The First - I dont disagree with this at all, i thought i would bring it up for anyone reading this whose still on the fence, this game is an acquired taste absolutely and i recommend buying

6. Every Class Is Fun And Worthwhile – (Even The Medic) - this isnt even anything, of course everyone is going to like playing the classes, maybe not every class but at least 2 of the 4 (5 including the monster) i guess they are really reaching for sh*t at this point

5. A.I. Bots Solve Disconnect Issues - i cant believe they actually put this in the article, ill just move on.

4. The Only People Playing Are Taking It Seriously - im done reading this article this is a joke