Wow Phantoms are Deadly


This may have been the fastest legit rescue completion ever done in Evolve. So I’m just munching on some wildlife not having a care in the world when the the survivor icon appears. I say to myself

Gee, that is rather close, might as well just kill em

Sure enough, I head on over their and kill both of them just as the assault and his crew comes on by. I literally only fired one lava bomb, then tongue grabbed the assualt, rockwalled and pounced.

Mother nature must’ve thought I was in distress, because I have NEVER seen so many phantoms come out like that at once. As I’m smelling beyond the rockwall I see like 5 of these things completely butcher the medic, support tried to save medic but then they turned on him as well, he lasted alittle longer than the medic before he succumbed as well.

By now your probably wondering SO, what happened to the trapper?

Well not too far off, it seemed a tyrant was having a get together with him down at the nearby river…


Gaben must love you

The game God


Wish there was a video. XD


A deadly… nuisance?