Wow kraken + cooldown perk or 35% extra damage is amazing!


first im usually a goliath player, followed by nerfed wraith, and third kraken (won’t acknowledge behemoth until his glitches are fixed)

i got him randomly when i entered a match there i was took control with a cooldown perk infront of me i was down to half hp no armor, got to stage 2 no armor and killed the team in seconds, 3 mines, 2 lightning, 1 vortex

then i got monster again (i wanted slim or sunny >.<) soo i went as kraken again, found 35% damage at stage 1, put 3 in mines, won in a few minutes of tactical mine placing >.>

later on that day, karma was a bitch i encountered a kraken stage 2 full armor with cooldown perk, i could tell by the mine spamming every 2-3 seconds, and we lost ofcourse >.>

moral of the story, wow on kraken


Yeah Kraken is sort of god tier rn


I think Each of Kraken’s abilities need a 5% damage nerf or a 10% cooldown increase. CC needs to work on it more too.

I agree about the imba buffs on him.


It’s unbalanced, that’s why elites are getting changed.


Buffs are really the things that need balancing, Kraken is beatable, but Buffs just make him 2 stronk


im not saying nerf kraken, maybe on bringing him down a little faster to the ground a little, but thats it,

but those perks with kraken, its auto win at stage 2 or 1!!!


CC needs to be improved against a Kraken. Right now, nothing works. He can’t be brought down. That’s a bug I think, so I hope it’s fixed soon…


I think hes too stronk even without elite buffs. He nulifies so much stuff by just flying around. They should add anti air capabilties to deployables and just balance the Kraken in general


i heard kraken had a bug atm where slow down objects dont affect him, soo this could be a problemo too