Wow, Jack and Sunny are great together

I know before release people were speculating that Jack and Sunny would be a force to be reckoned with, but I had no idea how strong they’d be. The jet-pack booster and repulsion beam can really help out the team with mobility and allows for some serious damage, I can’t wait to play more! (also their drop-ship convos are definitely the best, nice work TRS)


They’re also great together in other ways as well I hear. Dialog I mean. ^.-


Hahaha yeah, definitely two of my favourites now ^^

Have you heard the dialouge where, I am guessing Jack is looking at her butt like he did with Val.

Do they like each other? Do I has the permissions to ship it yet!? OTP STATUS!?!?!? I need DETAILS Shinnykinz!

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It seems that Jack has a little crush on Sunny, but she doesn’t seem to have any interest in him (or not that I’ve heard) :joy:


Is that the case? Cause if so I called that as soon as I heard Jacks age

No shipping allowed. I almost think we need a sign icon for that like the no fun allowed ones, lol.


Well… With the dialog pretty much making them flirt with eachother, just makes us have to watch it more. ^.^
No surprised it comes up so often myself. :smile:

I need to hear this.
I need to

Ooooof course you do… ^.-

not amused

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very amused

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Hush you…

Where’s You? I’ll hush him. He always speaks out of place, it’s okay though, his personality makes up for it.

He has dialog with Val? All I heard was his dropship convo with Slim.

Jack stated on how cool sunnys drones where and what they are made of after she finishes explaining he responds with “WOW.” Sunny replies back with “Wow?” Then I believe jack said “Wow you, I mean your drones.”

The same thing he did with Val when she noticed him taking a peek.

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Never heard that one, either :expressionless:

Lol well you in for a treat!

Jack was telling Val thanks for saving his ass and then he uses his Jackal voice only for Val to tell him to knock it off then he starts to complement her and she quickly notices he is staring at her butt yet Jack tries to deny it even though he knows he cant.


I hear that sunny, lazarus, hyde, and jack is an amazing comp. I could just imagine how hard it will be.