Wow, great patch <<---sarcasm


So the first game I tried to play it threw me into a game, showed me 2 other people joined and then just hung on a black screen for 5 minutes. I finally quit to the Xbox One Dashboard and manually Quit the game.

Restarted it again. Went back into Evacuation. Loaded, put me into an ongoing game. The Kraken was completely invisible to me. The entire game. I could see weird heat trails in the sky where it appeared he was, but I couldn’t see him at all.

Sooner or later this game will be playable, right?
(the next round seemed to work okay–hey, 1 out of 3 ain’t bad, right?)


PC version crashes to desktop for a lot of people as well.

All we can do is file a 2K support ticket with the info they ask for, and be sad as we watches patches come out and not one fixes it.

Since you are on Xbox at least you can safely rest knowing it will be fixed asap lol.