Wow...Evolve is Just Utterly Getting HAMMERED in Reviews


Type Evolve on Google, and just look at the first few articles…It’s unreal the effort people are taking to downplay this game. It’s almost like their trying to kill the game before most people even hear about it. The articles are mainly talk about how they are taking content that should be included in the game and selling it as DLC. That’s such rubbish and it irks me to think that somewhere out there, someone isn’t going to support this game all because of the ill informed journalists who are writing their trashy opinions. I don’t know about you but I plan on getting the season pass once I see the characters (not that I don’t trust TR Studios, I just wanna see what I’m buying. Not that it matters since I’ll be throwing my money at Evolve’s DLC anyways haha.)

Any thoughts on this fellas?

Ah forgive me, wasn’t specific enough. Ya, the reviews have high scores but if you read what they say along with that score, it’s all “dlc rip off” this and “even more content cut off game” that. Guess these folks never noticed how games stay the same cost yet the cost to make these game just keeps going up, gotta break even somehow.


The main controversy here is that the customization scheme they have is modeled after F2P games, where we have to pay the normal $60 price and still have to tak on extra for any customization skins instead being rewarded for playing the game with unlocks.

The game is fun yes, but the pricing is very sketchy.

However this is also at first glance. Maybe they have some skins you can unlock hidden under the accolades, but I admit to not really having looked into it that much.


I see all 8/10 reviews lol


Most review sites i’ve seen haven’t giving it anything lower than 8/10 on average. I think the lowest i’ve seen was 7.5/10 and the rest for the negative reviews I see are from people who don’t own the game or have only played the alpha for like 2 hours so their opinion is irrelevant. Game is doing quite well for itself and even withthe negative reviiews their only complaint is the price and hardly anythign to do with gameplay


Yea, but steam review is low 60’s now, because evidently bandwagons are fun.


Getting low frame rates per second problem. Hope they fix it soon. Pre-ordered and can´t play the game (20 fps on low settings). Hope they lose some points for that =(.


As that one weird guy who takes his time and writes a Steam review with facts on his mind, just ignore it. Any smart person will find reviews worth reading, not a couple asshats who want to ruin your day.

What’s your GPU?


You update your drivers? I was getting a tiny amount of visual problems before I updated mine, but since I got the latest nvidia game-ready stuff it’s been working like a charm.


I am getting the same low fps issue. 9-11fps. Unplayable. Paid the $100 preorder…

My Windows Experience Index:
i5 3.0MHZ processor: 7.6 (out of 7.9)
8 gb Ram: 7.4 (out of 7.9)
EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti SC graphics card: 7.7 (out of 7.9)
Primary hard disk 6.1 (out of 7.9)

And yes, I have the latest release video drivers.


to be fair some have very strong points which needs to be adressed.
the game is just focused on 4 player that play together. solo queue does not really work in this kind of environment. therefore the player base is reduced… or will be when people start to quit. i have to go now play evolve :slight_smile:


Your graphics card must be dead lol mine works fine with 60 fps MSI r9 Radeon 270


People that were in beta are allowed to review, since they arent buying the game, they are bad mouthing it and reviewing it in a negative light.


I have a alienware m14x with gtx765m. And yes, i did updated my driver!


The Windows Experience Index isn’t a good way of judging how good something is. Could you get me some more information on your processor? I feel like that would be the only real bottleneck in your system.
Other information such as processor number (like i5-4670) or number of cores.


Hehe, you know me well :smile:

It’s possible you’re missing VRAM. Could that be an issue?



Get HWMonitor, check your temps while playing. Alternately, speedfan can make a graph of your temps while you play. But if you exceed all specs, it’s usually a heat problem with laptops. I got 10-40FPS in Smite for a while on my laptop, started playing on a better surface and now i get ~100FPS lol.


A lot of people in metacritic are giving Evolve 3 out of 10 and less


Do you realize what the vast majority of those negative reviews are?

Missed opportunities.

Potential customers are literally trying to tell TRS and 2K how to get their business. They’re trying to say how to make things better. The vast majority of the complaints are very targeted and specific. I see little to no bashing. The overwhelming majority are saying that the DLC is too expensive and there is too much of it. How do you fix this? Reduce the price of DLC and roll some of it into the base game. Another vocal group is going after progression and no monster in party. How do you fix this? Enhance the capabilities of custom games and create an unranked, fun-focused, less serious mode like CSGO or Smash Bros has (I suggested this last year; For glory and for fun modes). There’s not much that can be done about balance complaints or longevity concerns when mods are not allowed and no details about free maps and gamemodes exist other than they’re nebulously planned.

All of the complaints from people dragging down the game’s score can be fixed. Are the devs willing to step up to the plate or are they going to get defensive and double-down on things people are upset with?


There is clearly a campaign going on to give this game a bad reputation. This kind of campaigns aren’t unheard of. Of course it could be the work of lazy reviewers who just pick up the buzz of complainers and crybabies on forums and are based by them and in turn use them to fill their review.
Could also be influenced by bad reviews by people who are also part of the “outraged by DLC scheme”. Seems that like ignorance, a bad reputation is a viral thing.
I personally think that the game should be reviewed first and foremost in terms of gameplay. That is, what you get when you play the game.


It is a i5-2320 Quad core @ 3.0 MHZ.

I realize the windows experience rating isnt the end all, but it isn’t bad either. The ratings actually fluctuate as new technology comes out and my hardware ages. A 7.7 today isn’t going to be a 7.7 in 12 months. It at least gives an indicator if your hardware is not up to par by today’s standards.