WoW Baby Winston


Does anyone here still play wow?? I just wanna know sense I am getting the origins edition and it comes with a pet and I don’t play wow anymore



I haven’t played WoW since right after Cataclysm came out, but, I love the universe and the lore. It just became to grindy for me, and I had nobody to play with.


I thought you were talking about Winston from Overwatch lol


Pretty sure he is, you get a baby Winston companion in WoW.


Oh yeah… Blizzard… Nvm lol


They’re both Blizzard games. :stuck_out_tongue:
In WoW you can have little pets that follow you around. That’s why Tracer is also in Heroes of the Storm, Blizzards likes intertwining their games with items and cosmetics related to their other games. Or in Heroes of the Storm’s case, they have characters from all their games in it.


Yeah I’ve never played wow because I don’t have a PC ;-;


I feel your pain bro.



yeah your right man the baby winston is a bonus wow pet from the origins edition I just don’t think I know anyone who still plays wow


Me and my wife still play Wow. It is the game we play together.


ok :stuck_out_tongue: who wants it?


Gets me everytime! shivers


My wife would love to have this pet! Your going to give it away cause your cool like that?


I am cool like that :sunglasses:

although if for some reason it doesn’t come with it I will let you know


You’re awesome! Thanks!


np maybe I will get wow if I have the money and we can all play together (maybe)


The next expansion comes out in August I think. Woot