Wouldn't leave dropship

Starting a new game, dropship doors open, drop out, stuck in mid air right near the dropship for 30 seconds. After this, fall to the ground, dead. Happened to 2 out of 4 hunters in this game. Seems to be a bug that’s been happening since game launch.

Any other details you can provide? What platform was this on? What map, mode, etc? They need as much info as possible to recreate and isolate the bug.

This has happened to me before on the odd occasion. Very annoying. Once, I was actually able to sort of jump out of it. Maybe try boosting around while you’re floating there? Not a fix but a potential workaround until it is addressed. :confused:

You’re stuck in the falling animation.

Its happened to me before too, on Hunt, Wraith Trap, PC.

Yeah, and this has happened to me 4 or 5 times. Almost every time there was nothing I could do but the most recent time it happened I just pressed a bunch of buttons, did a boost to my left and fell to the ground like normal. Not saying it will always work but it definitely worked once. :open_mouth:

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Did you vote to restart the last game while still in the dropship? That is known to cause all manner of issues for hunters in the game following the restart

yea we did.

I keep getting bugs where I’m floating in the air after the dropship, and can’t fall. I can still move around and such, but I can’t fall until I use my jetpacks boost. Then when I hit the ground, I can’t jump and such.

Yeah, this is pretty common when you restart the round while the hunters are still in the dropship, hunters gravity/jumping/jetpacks all get completely screwed up

That would be your problem then, I would recommend editing the main post to say you restarted while in the dropship so they know that’s the bug you are experiencing

Hunters be like