Would you rather


Would you rather have a brand new monster before tier 5 hunters made specifically to counter that monster ( tier 4 cough cough)

Or 4 new sets of abiltiies added to each existing monster to spice up the strategy choice element of the game?

I personally would want 4 new abilities. currently you see a move. it lands. you now know how many points he put into it. how many points he has left. and a general idea of what hes building. if you max out your moves. you will have 3 out of 4. i think itd be nice to see something like 3 moves maxed out of 7 or 8.


I like the idea not sure it will happen though


yeah im sure that would break the game more since they have to rerig all new animations for each monster. that would cost alot lol.

but yes more abilities would be awesome. these creatures evolve right? they are losing so give them more moves. not op moves. just more variety in choices


If you had 8 abilities you could then put one point in each. By stage 3 you would have 8 abilities available to spam.

I would rather them add another monster.


the cap is in the controller technically. so you can only choose 4 total.


It sounds like an interesting idea, for example I would love to do a quick strike, short range, but strong knockback tail swipe with my goliath, surely that thing has spikes for a reason.


My vote’s on Daisy.

give her Firebreath, Leap Smash, Rock Throw, and share her love.


I see. Would make for some interesting ability combinations!


Fix the game balance. There’s already enough bloat with Tier 4.


I just think that while 5th monster would be great. these 4 are beautifully done with a potential to do more. I can think of a bunch right off the bat

Tail whip: 360 swipe
enrage: goliath lights his hands on fire (more so than his heavy animation now) and does bonus melee damage
throw: chuck a hunter you do not like …hank
meteor: fires into the sky. longer its held the more that come down. they come down after the animation ends so goliath can keep fighting.

Graviton: kraken decides he wants everyone to fly. hunters can only move using jetpack otherwise they are free floating
Hold: hold a hunter with 1 tenticle. only light melees work on other hunters. any abilities will not land on the held hunter. IE: no banshee trapping unless u set it up and let it go and hit him towards it. hunter can save himself basically.
Lightning Spasm: Rng lightning strikes significantly weaker.
Grounded: kraken stabs his tail in the ground to stabilize. he now fires projectile melees at an alarming rate. think of DBZ style lol.

Seeker: wraith goes invisible, same mechanics as decoy. except theres no decoy. and wraith gets a bonus on the next melee attack.
empowered scythe:wraith powers up supernova energies into one swipe. its a ranged attack
strafe: wraith gains a low range, quick teleport that leaves behind delayed explosions. maybe 3 teleports?
tackle: instead of abducting and heading back. wraith plows through the hunter and pins him to a surface or x distance.

lava punch: think of falcon punch on a giant behemoth lol
Ragnarock: molten lava spews up from the ground on a target forcing them to keep moving or get hit.
Bob smash: behemoth claps his hands with such force it deals damage and clears traps.
fireworks: while in roll form. behemoth can spew out the secondary part to lavabomb.


exactly. behemoth needs work so why make a 5th monster. in fact all monsters do besides maybe goliath. this is a good way to do so.