Would you rather/Ultimate Questions WITH POLLS


Would you rather?

  • only have three fingers
  • only be able to see for 18 hours a day, you dont know when you will be blind

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  • anything you draw comes to life
  • your parents come back to life / never die

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  • all food you eat taste horrible
  • you stub your toe against every corner you walk around in your house

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for a million dollars

you have to walk on your hands and knees for the entire day. happens every other week

  • I’ll do it
  • Hell no

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everytime you fart it smells so horrible that everyone in the room is disgusted at you, EVERY TIME

  • yes, my fart smells like that anyway
  • no

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peeing takes you 10 minutes nonstop to finish peeing. and if you miss the bowl, you have to restart.

  • tsss, ahhhh
  • dont have time for it

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if you could…

would you steal $200 from a baby

  • need that extra income , yuup
  • i have too much dignity, nope

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would you switch bodies with someone you hate, and then jump into a pile of garbage.

  • yes, i enjoy slowly dismantling my enemies
  • no, i may hate him, but he is a person after all

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you can go back in time and change anything you’ve done that you regret. but everytime you change something there is an increasing chance of you being killed. i.e. 2% first time, then 5, then 15, then 20, then 50

  • hell yeah, ill just control myself
  • nope. nope. nope. not taking any risks, plus my life is great now

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i hope you guys enjoy, and remember, choose wisely!


Either people don’t like their parents like me or they decided to draw “better” parents.


its funny to see how some polls are 80-20 and others are just about 50-50


Haven’t you seen all of the Hunter idea concepts? Evolve would have 100 tiers.

  1. Three fingers, because I love sight. Plus, having three fingers won’t get me killed like suddenly going blind in traffic or something. :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Draw whatever I want? Yes, please. It’s almost like having magic.
  3. Eventually my toe will get used to it… Food is too much to give up!
  4. Can’t be so bad. Call in sick and stay around your house, right?
  5. Psh! No! I am a LADY! :smirk:
  6. What? Sure? I think?
  7. I’m too nice.
  8. Except when it comes to this. I would so do it.
  9. No way, I’ll take all the years I can get. Live and learn.


Just saying, if everything I drew came to life, this world would be a scary place.

Once in my Color Theory class we had to do a still life drawing of toys, and mine was of the kinky variety instead of action figures.


I would rather go blind randomly. Might happen in traffic, but hey, I text to much I traffic already. Haha , just kidding. But, there’s that chance you’ll go blind when you’re sleeping, or stuck watching a dumb movie. That’s a plus!!
Anything I draw comes to life; can’t draw good, BUT, drawing loads of money’s takes no skill. Or a crazy helicopter.
I hate most healthy food anyways, so if it all tasted bad id eat better!!! Another plus!!!
Walking on my knees, easy, will do anything for a million dollars. :stuck_out_tongue: more money’s!!!
Not sure if there’s another option for the fart one? Or the peeing one? Do you choose between them? I’d rather have smelly farts, I would just walk outside. XD
Stealing $200 dollars from a baby; this depends on if I’ve already got millions from the last choices. If I don’t, hell yeah I’m taking that money from the baby!!! What’s a baby doing walking around with $200 cash!?!?
If I already have the millions of dollars… Well I will pay someone $50 to steal the baby’s money for me. Make money, make moneeeyy!!!
I would switch bodies with someone I hate, and push someone else I hate in garbage also. Two for one!!
Would not go back in time. Except to maybe steal the baby’s money, if i didn’t.
Make moneeeeyyy!!!


Is that 3 fingers on one hand, or total?


Clearly not a whole lot of you have stubbed your toe against something recently.
This is the kind of pain you forget when it’s been a while.

But damnit does it hurt. I’ll take the crappy food any day.


For two of the million dollar questions, I feel like the choice you get given would take up so much time over the course of your life so as to be probably not worth it


10 cigar


Why do people want their parents to live forever? Imo that’s a punishment.


After a while you would learn to never take off yor steel toed boots, a small sacrifice to be able to enjoy chocolate


1: Second option, I like my fingers. They do fun things.
2: Drawing. Couldn’t give less fucks about my parents who I never knew. :stuck_out_tongue:
3: Food tasting horrible. I dislike the taste of most food anyway. Meh.
4: Sure…I’d just have it on weekends and sit at my desk gaming the whole day.
5: Noot, because MY nose would die.
6: Umm, ok? Don’t see how one could miss the bowl…
7: Nah.
8: Yes, but if I had it my way I’d do MUCH worse things…
9: Yup. A couple of major things I wanna change.



Well I was thinking more of music, gaming, typing, etc…

Also nice gif.


Rose has magic fingers. o.o


Omfg. <mods pls send halp


~Slinks back into the shadows, wiggling her fingers at Rose.~ :3


You set yourself up for this!
#Blame no one but yourself!