Would You Like to See an Evolve Tournament Website?


Hey guys,

There has been some talk recently about how much fun it is to watch
Evolve matches and how great it can be as an E-sport. Personally I would
love to see Evolve becoming an E-sport so I want to do anything I can
help make that happen.

I want to create a website dedicated to Evolve tournaments: Rules, registration, brackets, news, etc…

My questions to you guys are:

  1. Would you like to see such a site?
  2. If yes, what would you like to see on the site exactly?

If there’s enough demand for such a site, I will create another post
discussing rules for the tournaments and people who would like to
volunteer to help.

Competetive Lineup ideas!

I would watch tournaments, but If something like this does happen the shout casters/ commentators would have to be entertaining or people wont watch.


I would Looooove this! As I myself will do everything I can to get into the tournaments!
Dave Blank and JParty should totally do the commenting no doubt!
I would love to have some sort of bracket where you can see every team or smthn and ‘follow’ their progress etc etc!


Like someone said to me when i had this sort of idea, the site needs a lot of money behind it to be good and to keep it up. I have enough time to make one but not the money for it :slight_smile:


Only if you have the time and resources to create a good site. For the record, anything made with Enjin is not a good site. :wink: I’d love to see people play Evolve competitively and I think there’s definitely a demand for it. However, I don’t think people will flock to a site that’s basically just templates with a couple Evolve images thrown in. I can’t speak for everyone, but personally I would only use a site that offers something truly unique. If it’s just another forum, I may as well just stay here.

Also, I think having a custom site is only the beginning. How are you going to get people to compete? Most of the places I’ve seen offer up prizes. Granted, if you have a very well done site, you can probably get some regulars to participate just because they enjoy the competitive aspect. But I’m thinking a lot of people won’t bother unless there’s something in it for them.

Best of luck in whatever you decide to do, and I’ll gladly offer my opinions (for whatever they’re worth). :slight_smile:

  1. Yes
  2. @PeirsPryce and @Time_stops_now

Seriously though, yes…I’d also like to see a round robin type of team and/or solo player set-up with rosters, where all-comers are allowed to participate but through the process of wins and losses are whittled down to only the best players of each class (Monster, Medic, Trapper, etc.)…which would go on to face each other in team matches.

I also concur with @YouGotBrained…need good shoutcasters.

I would not mind throwing in some of my Evolve pendants as winnings.


i would volunteer to be an announcer


Alf would be a perfect announcer!


the hunters should hunt alf


I would love to see (and maybe someday participate in) some evolve tournaments! The high level play is astounding, and the action is heart pounding. Plus, more growlcasting is always welcome. I am not overly familiar with what a tournament website would need to be successful, but I would be totally happy to see some start up.


There’d need to be a lot of cats on Shear so he could Evolve.


Maybe if 2K/TRS makes it, they have the money and people for it :slight_smile:

But first the game and maybe later on the more competitive stuff.


Crowdfunding could work for something like this but I also think TRS should have their hands in the creation process somehow.


alf for lyfe



see im 22 so i shouldent techincally know of or have alf tattooed on me. i found my dad’s old comic book collection about seven years ago and fell in love with em


GET EM!!! :rage:


YASSSSSSSS please turtles rock!!!


i would love to be that announcer that curses too much and gets overly hyped about a big play