Would you like 3rd person on hunters?


As the title says,would you?

I personally would love it,since I can look at the hunters,and skins would look way better

plus looking at a wall when climbing aint very good


I wouldn’t since it would give Hunters a decently large unfair advantage.


how is that ?


No. I’m with @10shredder00 on this one. It’s an advantage for the hunters.


sigh,another reason why I dislike playing hunters


3rd person would only be acceptable as long as the camera wasn’t able to see 360 degrees. If it was still a first person type camera and only looked where the Hunter did, then it may be able to work.


Nope. I like it as an FPS for hunters.


In customs and solo yes. In standard multiplayer no.


I feel it would distract me more than anything else. I’d get GoW nostalgia feels and hate myself. hunting in Evolve began as FPS, and by Cthulhu it’ll end that way.


I think he meant for it to be toggeable though. like being able to go from first to third person.


It would be cool, but unnecessary, I think.


I can see it for machinima or other purposes.


Yeah, but it would make no sense for a studio to cater for machinima.


It would be funny to see how your character dies in third person though xD. besides its completely optional.


I’m also pretty sure there is a thread or two about this already.


Seems random to me. I’ve grown used to playing hunters in first person, and given most of the game mechanics I think the shift would be extremely awkward. :confused:


I’m against it. It would be awkward to look at and remove from the immersion of the game. Plus, only weapons get skins so what’s the point? It would just make it worse for Hunter players.


You would lose the game immersion effect that is currently in place. The monster are meant to feel huge, larger then life, Godzilla-esk. The hunters in comparison are meant to feel weak and tiny, hence the requirement to work together. Sneak attack on monsters plays into this mentality by forcing hunters not to run around alone.

Can’t see this ever changing TBH.





I would like it. The problem would be that people would only use 3rd person though if given the choice, kind of like Battlefront.