Would you guys reccomend Sniper Elite to me?


The title says it all, all 3 sniper elites are on summer sale for under 10 bucks. now I have a couple questions about it:

  1. What’s it about?

  2. If I should get it, what game should I start with?

  3. when I get money, should I get it?

  • yes
  • no

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The fact that testicle-shots exists are good enough reason to buy one :wink:

######please don’t flag me


Yep very solid title, worth the money



flag him and i’ll be handing out one of those only replace a ww2 bullet with a 50. caliber.


The Sniper Elite series is a really well done WW2 era third person sniper series. The sniping is as easy as point the cross hairs on the bad guy and shoot all the way up to having to take windage and elevation into consideration. They all have a pretty good campaign and a decent amount of coop and PvP included in them. the SE 2 MP is typically more active than that of 3. Though I personally think that 3 was a better game. Also Sniper Elite 4, which takes place in Italy, is scheduled to release Feb 14 2017.


what’s a ww2 bullet?

Also .50 cal were used in WW2 for various purposes.


I meant the kinds of bullets infantry man used (like the sniper.)


.50 caliber is just over kill. I’d take a .308 over that any day.

It’s what I use for hunting. If it can drop an elk, it can drop a human.


But bro… Have you seen what 50. Cals do? They mounted those on tanks man, fucking tanks! If they can make someone’s face disappear then imagine a testicle shot!


I’ve fired one.

A .308 will make a pretty large exit wound. Shooting for the crotch will leave him with significantly sized butt hole… Lol


.308s were invented after ww2…


Yeah, in the 50s. They had similar sized rounds though. The Springfield fired a 30-06 I believe.

Edit: Just looked it up. 30-06 and the .308 are the same size as far as the bullet it self is concerned.


Have you ever held a .50 cal rifle? Those things are heavy and I would not want to move one any farther than I needed to. If you need a really big bullet in a carry able rifle look at something like the .300 Win Mag or .338 Lap Mag.


Any avid hunter knows that a .50 cal is sort of pointless outside of certain situations.

If you really wanted too, you could kill a man with a .17. If you wanted.


The .50 is always pointless on the civilian market. That round was designed as an anti-material round, not a personnel round. Any bullet will kill. There are plenty of documented cases of people being killed with a .22