Would you find this game mode fun?


Free For All Monster Mash. That would be a blast running around a map that has 2-3 other monster players and your all trying to evolve and get strong to beast the other monsters for “territory”(reason for the battle) hell we know that the hunters evacuate and with no common goal why wouldn’t the left over monster fight one another for (again reason for battle) Nest, dominance, territory. obviously this is directed at monster enthusiasts and not those who enjoy the hunter aspect.


I’d digg it

How about 4 monsters on a team fighting a mega monster


lol sounds familiar and fun.





? 100 char ?


I’m a hunter player and I really freaking want some type of monster v monster. Sadly, balance dictates that it probably won’t ever happen.


idk look at evac, they are able to add bonuses specific boons and bonuses for each match, if they add buffs or effects that only effect this mode type it’s still possible. Increase Goliath and behemoth ranged damage to combat air, or something of the sort.


10 char i accidentally put on an extra 0


What about kraken? He would just destroy the others…


We brought this up with TRS a few thousand times and they said no. ;-; Variety of reasons.


Sad Panda, well at least they have talked to the community about it so i won’t get my hopes up. i am surprised, you would think in a monster hunting game given to this generation would have thought about that i mean look at all the Godzilla movies that came out when we were kids.


The latest Godzilla movie was like a romantic comedy drama thriller with dinosaurs thrown in for laughs. I think Godzilla had like eight minutes of screen time.


I mean like Asian film Godzilla, i enjoyed the new movie and all but yea big lack of screen time for the monsters