Would you buy the PS4 again? - With the knowlege that the online service is unstable as hell?


This is not Evolve related. Evolve has the worse connection of all games but other games have as well bad pings and wonky servers on PSN.

So guys would you buy again a PS4 or would you go for the Xbox next time?

I think Sony cant get handle on the PSN!



######then again, I never bought one in the first place


You really answering just for that troll…?


Not really, sorry if it looks that way.

Out of the consoles, I would take the PS4, regardless of PSN. It just seems a better console than the Xbone.


Yes but its a offline console. PSN is soo slow or wonky.

My opinion: PS4 better hardware but bad network.
Xbox way better network but bad hardware.


True, but I think it helps that Microsoft has more money to spare for servers (I think).

But I’m a bit of of a loner when it comes to games, so the PS4 would get my preference


You know, I’ve never had as many issues with PSN as most others claim to have. I mean, I’m currently not playing Evolve online, so I can’t comment on the state that’s in on the PS4 right now, but the only issues I’ve ever had with the service have been the massively widespread ones.


Yeah, I’d still buy it.


My understanding is that they’re the regular targets of DDoS attacks at the moment, right? That’s not anything that can be easily predicted or remedied.


I never have problems with PSN, unless the servers are down, and Sony is fixing them, that’s really the only time.


Yep, but they can just buy a bunch of dormant servers so that the DDoS attacks aren’t that much of a problem. Filter the excess data into those and force the other servers to focus on service, and your problem is solved. Kinda.


Only real time I have troubles, is playing Evolve.
So yeah, I’d still buy it.


Maybe you live near the server and dont have that much issues.

At the moment they are not under DDos attacks. They have just worse servers than microsoft.

Maybe you have luck or you live near the servers. I dont know but check #psndown so much complains.

Currently I have troubles with PVZ2 and loading my friendlist, messages and so on. Its working yes but its soo slow. My friends have the same issue at the moment. You live in the USA maybe they have there some stronger servers.


PSN has some issues, but overall it’s not any worse than XBL was when I had a 360. I’d take it over the One all over again if I had to.


I’d still buy it.


of course I will buy it. Its definitely better than what Microsoft calls a console :wink:

I never really have psn issues either.


I still love how at the presentation of the Xbone, they barely mentioned gaming, while the PS4 was “all about gaming”


When people ask me which to get I give 'em 2 things.

  • Go with what your friends are getting and what exclusives appeal to you.

  • XB1 has better online and Framerate. Ps4 has better Resolution. (The Framerate/Resolution gap is closing more and more)


Yes for sure I dont mean the Xbox One this one is shit but I think they learned of their mistakes and the next one will be awesome. Before PS4 I owned a Xbox 360 and it was awesome.


Yes the Xbox One is a joke.


I loved my ps3, and ps2, and the original ps :slight_smile:

yea, its usually is down for some hours, always trying to improve