Would you buy it for campaign or multiplayer


My very weird nerdy friend thinks that people buy cod for the campaign and I’m like HELL NO it’s da multiplayer. So leave a comment saying if you would buy black ops 2 or cod aw for the multiplayer or for the campaign. Thx


There are actually people who buy cods for the single player and never play again.Those are just the minority tho.

So yes altho there are people doing that,that’s the 20% doing it.

So, think of it like this.:20% of people buy it for SP and 80% of the peoplebuy it for the MP


At one time it was about the campaign. Not now…
Now that game just sucks.


Just say campaign or multiplayer for your personal opinion.


I must prov him wrong!!!


There is no reason to even have this conversation man. :stuck_out_tongue:

People only buy it for the Multiplayer.As i said only a few people,counted in fingers, will buy it for the SP.

Actually why would they even buy it for SP when they can just pirate it.


Fine whatever…


Multiplayer, I’m not a singleplayer person.
But daaaaaaaamn
If Evolve had a campaign mode…


I like the campaign far more than the Multiplayer. Blops 3 has 4P coop now.


Campaign… I hate CODs multiplayer but like the campaigns.


Zombies obviously :stuck_out_tongue:


wait cod got a singleplayer?


Whoa you just said that didn’t you?

casually strolls away acting as if not knowing you


I bought AW so that I can fairly complain about CoD. :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally wouldn’t waste my money on it.

In the words of Yahtzee: “Same **** different anus each year.”


I know this isn’t an answer that you asked but both. Before I stopped playing call of duty I would always beat and enjoy the story. Then I would play the multiplayer until I got bored of the game. Rinse an repeat with the other call of duty’s I played.


AC Unity was absolutely horrid.


Campaign. Multiplayer annoys me xD


Did you do the same for evolve then?


I had already played 1 alpha and 1 beta plus 3 games in June 2014 at ESL.I knew what i was buying.