Would TRS's shapeshifting monster work?


Would the shapeshifting monster they had planned in early Evolve work or would people scream OP at it? If it could turn into any wildlife.


I doubt they’ll make it. the mechanics would be too confusing.


What Event said. I doubt we will ever see one.


I had a suggestion a while back for a monster that changed in reaction to damage.

Basically a puffer fish like change where something small becomes large, and the expansion of the monster augments the ability set.

Although I was thinking more of like a lizard and like a bellows-like expansion of ribes, and sort of a stealth oriented creature which changes up once the fighting starts.


The idea of a Monster shapeshifting into wildlife is frankly awful. I dunno why people keep coming up with concepts like that.


The idea is good but I think they won’t touch the deception topic for months to come given what they did to themself with wraith.


What I’d rather see is a monster that changes look according to what abilities he chose.
Making that Evolve actually feel hefty and impressive depending on what you picked.


Can’t say it would be bad until it’s in the game though, They could make it work.


the explanation they gave made a lot of sense.

Whatever the monster transforms into has to be animated. If you want it to potentially look like anything, then everything has to have all the animation cycles that the monster does, and battle damage, and feeding and yadda yadda.

That’s a huge amount of work to implement for the dozens of creatures they have as wildlife for an effect that probably isn’t that great in the end.

Think of how a game would play out. You are the hunter, you know the shape shifter is on the map. Now, every time you see an armadon, or a ground sloth you just pump a full clip of whatever weapon you have into it, just in case. If shapeshifting is for hiding, or sneaking, it’s no good. See a big animal, fill with bullets, see if it reacts like a player or an AI. As camo its no good.

There’s not really a good reason for a monster to try to sidle up to you as a giant wildlife.
It would never trick anybody. There’s no instance where you see a giant wildlife coming your way and you are fine with it.


Good point however, Could use small wildlife disguise to sneak and Shapeshift into a big wildlife creature for offensive means. I’m sure if TRS decided to make it they could make it work. Just seems not possible cause it hasn’t been seen yet.


I would hope it would be implemented in a strange way… Because I really hope TRS learns to break the monotony of eat/escape/fight or track/chase/fight

Maybe a monster with no skill. Points that gains abilities/mass based on what it eats/posesess… Killing tyrants leads to a battle focused chomping beast… While batrays and mammoth birds lead to smaller stealth/utility based monster

And maybe a team of hunters or individuals that benefit from the down time away from monster…like they are weak early on… But by the time monster is stage 3 is the wrong time for first engagement on hunter terms… Cause right now successful fleeing for a whole match leads to a battle on monster terms where sometimes the hunters ability to apply pressure on mobster is not adequately rewarded


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