Would this be a good idea? Time to revive Evolve! Let's do this!


Ok. So I’ve just been thinking. Thinking of the experiences I’ve gotten from this game and how it’s influenced me. I’ve been thinking of how it’s been underrated, and underplayed. It pains me to see some of the most asinine reviews for this game. For example you can see one on this thread here:

So after thinking about that and many more aspects that has affected it, I watched my old Evolve music video and it got me thinking, ‘Can I do something here that can help convince people give this game a REAL chance?’ So far the only idea I had was to make another music video, but I don’t know what song, or what kind of scenes I could use, but most importantly, should I? So I’m asking you fellow Evolve gamers and gamettes out there, should I make another music video? Or do something different? I need ideas. Type away.


I’ve taken the first step.


I’ve also had ideas for making Evolve Music Videos. I’ve never branched into this field because of how copywright scares me.

But I would like to see some EMVs.


I would too! But do you think it’ll help reach out to both new players picking up the game for the first time and old veterans returning to the game?


If you upload the videos to YouTube, there is a good chance players might not be able to find it because of all the higher-end channels that posted Evolve content (bad reviews). But maybe if you ask @GrizzleMarine he could upload (a part of) the EMV and get more people to watch it. Since he makes fantastic paintings and artwork, I bet there is a sweet spot for EMV :wink:


Well I mean if he’s up for it. He already tried to spread the word on his twitter but I don’t think it was enough. He loves the game as much as I do. Maybe he’ll be down to try this and see where it can go.


I think Evolve could absolutely use some help advertising, but I would wait until TU9. As it is now the game is incredibly frustrating for new players, and you don’t want to convince people to give it another shot only for them to play the soon to be obsolete version and regret it.


Very true! I did not think about that. But since I’ve been around since Alpha, I feel that the game’s balance is actually the most balanced it’s been (except for Kelder. Hand me the nerf bat and I’ll hit him upside the head with it) and I feel that if we give new players some tips here and there, they’ll have a lot better of an experience.


I think so as well, but the new players won’t see it that way. I’m praying they add some serious tutorials with the update.


YES!!! I’ve been wanting this for the same reason this whole time!


The game is so complex that every time I run into a new player, I spend the first hour teaching them basic shit like using their jetpacks/class abilities. It turns a lot of people away because it seems so monster favored when the hunters have no cohesion or tactical knowledge.


I don’t think Evolve needs anymore flashy music videos; it needs educational videos, aimed at better informing people about what the game is like now and everything that the devs have done for the community.

That said, I’d wait to see what TRS / 2K themselves have in store for the big TU9 release; both in marketing and actual content. Producing something now could render a lot of content you do out of date come launch.


Pantera: Domination
Have the monster ripping into people/ hunters tearing a poor monster up fast.

Would be beautiful.


@RustyReviewsGaming that’s a great, although I would support not only put the video on Youtube, but perhaps also on Steam as well (considering it has the lowest playerbase).

Most people, whenever they go to the Evolve thread they can then see it. I’ve thought of putting more gameplay videos as it might excite people to try the game out.


Already made a new review. It has the video and tips for both hunter players and monster players that attack key points for each role. Wanna see it?



Nice, added you as a friend in the meantime.


OMAM little talks


I don’t know what you mean by what you said but that gif is badass lol


It’s a song xD
Edit: that’s part of the music video


Best I can say… stream it, play it and for new players, play it with friends and let the player(s) grow along side it. I don’t play in quick play for a reason, and that’s because I don’t want to ruin new players’ game experiences.

On the topic to making a good music video, there’s one or two songs I can recommend, that is if you can stomach metal.
For monster play:

Mix of Monster Play & Hunter play:

I have a few more, but I’ll leave it at that.


What annoys me is how all/most the new people to the game give it a “Not Recommended” review on the steam store and say it takes ages to find a ranked game.

Perhaps if they stopped deterring the potential future players with their negative reviews then maybe the player base would actually start to increase and then they and everyone else could find ranked matches faster.

In other words, they complain about a low player base but they are actually making it worse by doing so.