Would this be a good gaming PC?


I know crap about PC, and that’s why I’m asking on here. I’d probably get the deluxe editions of Titanfall and Dead by Daylight with it. I already have FNaF 4 from last year.


I’m also looking for a good gaming PC, but I’d prefer a laptop. Not for many extreme games like Evolve, just games like Starcraft 2, Civilizan 6, and such. :stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely not. That thing would be complete crap. Can’t go into more detail now but stay well away from it.


Laptops sucks at running games, the only one that ran so smoothly was LIMBO


Nah, I won’t lie to you it’s pretty bad.Laptops run games so terrible, I have the specs to run something like Dark Souls, but it runs absolutely terrible. I can never tell with them, you’re laptop looks nice, has a big price tag but it’s not great. With the money you’re spending on that, you could get a decent PC, don’t get a laptop if you can help it.
Edit: I can tell you now my laptop is more powerful then that, but there isn’t a chance in hell it could run Dead by Daylight, It can run titanfall though


Also it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card, which is not good.
You won’t be able to play 3D games very well or at all.
You could play 2D games though :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: Here’s an idea for what the’re used for
"An integrated graphics processing unit (GPU) doesn’t use its own RAM; it utilizes the system’s memory instead. So, if you have a computer with 4GB of RAM, the video card can use anywhere between one and five percent of the available memory for graphics processing. Of course, this percentage varies depending on the size of task, especially if you’re multitasking or playing a game.

The benefit to an integrated unit is that it is cheaper, which in turn means a less expensive computer. An integrated graphics card also generates much less heat than a dedicated video card and uses drastically less power, which improves the overall battery life. Integrated graphics cards are perfect for people doing everyday graphics processing. This includes watching or editing videos, 2D gaming and general word processing. Such activities aren’t graphic intensive, so a low-end video card is ideal. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to play 3D games, but you will have to turn down the graphics settings or you’ll experience in-game slowdowns."


I’m gonna look for a Pc that can game Evolve extremely nicely, I will need help!


So any laptop is crap? Would that include Alienware? Their devices are built for gaming. If so, then this is what I am thinking about:

I feel like a complete idiot asking this, but the resolution, is that 4K? How would the FPS be? 60? 144?

Or would it be cheaper to just build a PC with those specs?


If you’re spending that much money on a laptop just build a PC, you’ll just be wasting money.
2000$ on a laptop is a waste, make a beast PC man.


Alright. Should I use the builds listed in this thread?

And I’m just curious, that Alienware I listed, the resolution is 4K?


3840 x 2160 pixels
So no its not.
And yes mountain has helped me in the past :slight_smile:


Another nightmare that comes from gaming laptops is if some hardware breaks.

My friend had a $1000 gaming laptop and his graphics card broke, and as @Deity_Pharaoh said, the graphics card is Integrated, so the repair cost was way too expensive, and he had to scrap it.

A desktop is well worth the investment since you can upgrade and replace components.

If you don’t know much about building a PC or don’t have the time to, then buying a pre-built desktop is a good option.

I didn’t have the time to build mine, so I bought mine off Digital Storm. I got the Velox since the case looks amasin and I couldn’t find a computer case that I liked for building my own.

Now even before you buy a gaming desktop, it’s best to do research on all the specs. You don’t want a beastly graphics card with a bad motherboard.


+CPU, i7 (Even a low end i7 is decent for most games, but if you get a mid-range youll be fine. Games push GPUs now more than CPUs within a large margin. big super shwanky cpus are typically just fluff)

+GPU 960 or higher series

+Ram 8gb ddr3 +

+1 tb hdd

+Any mother board thatll support this crap

+Any case thatll support this crap.

+Solid State drive if you want to boot faster- Also nice to put your “main” games on here (theyll load faster too), would still suggest a 1tb secondary drive.

+Wireless card if youll be running wirless- otherwise plug right in. Nearly any mother board will have slots for this.

A set up like this should easily run a game like evolve on medium to high settings at 50-60 FPS all day long. Splurging for a 980 series GPU will let you run it at max settings without a sweat. If youre going this route id suggest a water-cooled set up (especially if you cant vent well, or live in a warm area. Might be less crucial if youre somewhere cold year round)- Otherwise fans should hold you over.

Personally I run a i5 3.3 quad core, 980 gtx FTW edition, 8 gb DDR3 patriot (ie, cheap) ram, a 200 ssd drive, MSI 7921 mother board, and am liquid cooled (live in vegas. Its 1 am as im writing this, and its only just under 100 degrees F outside). With this set up im running evolve at the highest settings, sitting at 59-60 FPS all day long- Just to put some things into perspective. (Emphasizing the cpu again here. Im running a mid grade i5, and evolve at max settings gives me no trouble at all, on any of the maps).

I think im also only using like a 5 or 600 watt power supply. As technology for cpus/gpus get better- theyve been using less power than older hardware due to increased efficiency.


First of all, that’s a laptop. :stuck_out_tongue:

Second of all, that is for work. Laptops weren’t designed for games, and if something breaks, it’s all over. Plus it gets slow pretty fast and would probably heat up really quickly. Just because it has 8gb of ram and a extremely low end i5 doesn’t mean it runs games well. It has a shared graphics card dang nabbit!

If you want a gaming PC, build one. Go to a PC shop, give them your price range and they should go through it with you step by step. Most of the time if it’s expensive enough, they’ll build it for you.


New egg is your friend for parts.

Or Amazon


Did you enchant it with Satan’s blood or something?

I got a better Graphics card due to my dad upgrading it, I think it needs to be upgraded 14 more times to run Evolve

Definitely can vouch for that

What?! No! Headjack, Microphone are broken and it’s had 3 crashes over the past year, it’s fine :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here, I bought one of newegg for 650 CAD (was in special): http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883230029&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwordsCA-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwordsCA-PC--pla--Desktop+PC-_-N82E16883230029&gclid=CjwKEAjwka67BRCk6a7_h_7Pui8SJABcMkWRJJU11kbDtnDSm5dh-Zir8B5jMmKAbckJoDq-izmK6hoCAhPw_wcB

Which is like only 510 USD for a good starting gaming pc. Mine can play Evolve well at 1600x900 and older games at Full HD (1980x1020).

The good thing with buying a pre-build one is that I can now easily upgrade it if I desire, which you cannot do with a gaming laptop).


For the GPU, would an AMD 480 be better than a 980 or 1080?


The best thing to do is give us your goal and a budget.



I’ve built 5 PCs so far, 2 of them being $2,250+, one being sub $1,000, and the last just a basic rig for around $400

To run any modern game though, I don’t think you’ll be able to get by on anything less than $400.
Unless you do a craigslist build, which is a whole other thing lol.

Another thing to keep in mind, a PC that costs $400 will be absolutely destroyed by a $500 rig, and it keeps going up to around $2,000. After that it’s mostly diminishing returns.