Would like to know wraith's sex ! m\f?


Who can tell me the truth !!!???


The Wraith you play as is female.

There may be males out there, but we haven’t seen them.


How u know?
where can i read the EVOLVE’s story hunters and monsters?




She have tits •-•


They look more like chesticles… Especially with that scrotum down the middle




Devs refer to her as a female in the same manner as they refer to Goliath, Kraken and Behemoth as male. However they have stated that, lore-wise, Monsters are asexual.


Well…more that there is no apparent sexual dimorphism. Biologically speaking, it could be that they don’t need sexual organs, due to not being the ones creating the eggs (á la Pokémon style.)

My theory still is that they were once human OR they assimilate the genetic composition of those they consume, with Wraith manifesting from human female components.


Wait they did? How did I miss that??


JESUS i cant look at that the same ever again


The answer is Cupcake!


Female, obviously. Should we guide you to a certain Wraith thread?


Where is it?! Tell me where it is.

Tell me where the cupcake is. Then you have my permission to evolve. :stuck_out_tongue:


At your viewing pleasure.


She is confirmed by devs to be female.


I’m legally obliged to warn you to stay away from this thread for safety reasons.


It has tits…




Umm, I just said Wraith is Cupcake… that is neither Male or Female… it is baked goods :stuck_out_tongue: