Would it even be possible to give Goliath a side-hop?

I was just curious, (I didn’t know if this had already been brought up, if so go ahead and close) but just a 5-10m hop or slide to the sides and backwards would make me very happy.

Nah, it has always been Goliaths thing… It should stay that way.

And even if you can still Stealth Pound around Corners for a Slide effect if you wish~

It has been brought up before. I’ll try and find the link

God he needs a side jump and a back jump

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Couldn’t find it.

But the main reason is because a monsters traversel follows your reticle mechanically. Another issue is animations

But Kraken and wraith are able to go backwards

Kraken and wraith both fly/float though. they’re not required to touch the ground. that’s the difference