Would it be possible to make a 4 vs AI Mode


So i was thinking, to help newcomers into the game would it not help to have a 4 vs AI mode so it can ease people into the game and take it a bit easier ? Just a suggestion as i personally enjoy playing against the AI to unwind from time to time as well so it would be a nice addition

+The Importance of Coop Direction

They are actually considering re-introducing the “co-op” queue so that you could queue with friends as hunters against AI monsters!


Yes!!! Please! Co-Op would be great and it would be like a “higher learning” mode before they face human controlled Monsters.

Hunters are in a bad place right now with no ability for the same hunters to stay together. So Co-Op would be a great mode to start off.


I just feel the game is very, very unforgiving to newer players at the moment and Co-op might give the newer players that more relaxed environment to learn in.


You cant do that in “custom”?


Custom matches turn into “Training Matches” and you don’t earn rewards (only a limited amount each day) and can’t complete Challenges.


We’re actually having a meeting to talk about the coop queue tomorrow :hushed:


I wuv u! :grinning:


Well this is great news :smiley:


There’s a difference between 4 people who know each other going custom, and one person wanting to random with others against AI.


woot woot


Would be really nice and great to get away from frustrating matches in which 1 unskilled hunter throws the game, or you get steamrolled by a wraith.

If they are bringing it back, I hope they add difficulty levels so that everyone is capable of honing their skills.


Even AI will give them a good challenge from what I’ve seen, it’s always better than fighting a skilled player and the constant Wraiths with +10 win streaks.


Yea i think this will be good idea. It help people familiarize with their roles in a fun environment where a little screwup will not cost a teammate their win. In addition, part of the charm of l4d is the co-operative against AI aspect, this mode can bring it out aswell.


That would be great, even for warm ups and just shaking the rust off. Ive been playing monster so long i forget what its like to hold a gun


Have we got any updates on how the talks went about co-op ?? :stuck_out_tongue:


They went well! We’re planning on it for several of our folks, just gotta balance that work with everything else we want to do!

We added it to our roadmap for you!