Would it be possible to get Tournament only Telemetry?

I’m not sure if I’m the only one interested or not, but I would be very happy to see the ratio that specific characters are picked, and their win rates in a more professional atmosphere. Mostly pick rates though.

we might be able to do that ourselves instead of waiting on the devs. it would be a hassle for whoever has to do it. esl i think takes a screen shot of the victory screen that might have all the players picked and wins/losses.

Good point. Are all of the official tournaments hosted through ESL? I’m unfamiliar with them.

so far it seems like there is no “official” tournament. ESL has been the most popular on PC. xbone is catered to with the recent chappie tourney (not sure who hosted that one.)

ps4 has dgl which is made by us forum members really. its new and still working out kinks. other than that gamebattles has started but not alot of ppl play those either.