Would it be possible to get clear Images of the more elusive AI Animals


The Animals that inhabit the world of evolve are an integral part of the maps and gameplay. The Wildlife and their function has obviously had a s***ton of work put in to them.

And yet it`s impossible to get decent pictures of half of them.

While things like Trapjaws, Crowbills, Mammoth Birds, Dune Beetles and Desert Nomads have received promotional images depicting their likenesses equally important animals such as Tyrants, Obsidian Grubs, Glaciapods, Spotters and Venom Hounds have almost no high quality documentation.

So could we get some wildlife pics please.


I googled ‘wildfauna’ and found this.

I don’t think I’m helpful in this case :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, there is a pinned strategy guide that has a decent amount of pictures.


Confession, I LOLed there.

But yeah Plaff made a good wildlife guide. But it is still are bound by the few wildlife Images and Screencapture. Alex has a good guide to, but not really to much on the wildlife.


Ya, most of the pics I’ve seen are usually conceptual art and not in game models.


It would just be nice if @MacMan @DamJess or @SlabOfMeat could supply a few images of the wildlife


Careful, you didn’t specify WHAT images they should supply :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe. Definitely glad that you want to see them. I’ll put it on my list.