Would entirely love it if... [Suggestion for merchandise]


…We got some plushies, I mean… I can’t be the only one who thinks stage 1 Goliath is adorably cute, and affectionately calls him “Baby Goliath”, can I? And of course we could have plushies of baby Krakens, Wraiths and Behemoths too.

Call me insane if you want to, but I genuinely think this is needed.


I have a replica baby behemoth IRL. It’s out in my garden beside the petunias. You’d never know though because it looks exactly like a rock.


You know, I think I’ll just substitute a rock from my backyard as a Behemoth plushie, I’m sure it’ll be very cuddly.


Already a thread on this, you might want to make use of the search function unless you think your thread is more superior and needs to be heard.


Eh, I had this thread in planning for a while, and I certainly didn’t think to search for existing threads on the topic since it’s admittedly an odd one.