Would be nice if the rock wall went up and if it had local search please


This is in the gameplay category because it’s ment to be like this. When the rock wall goes up a object blocks it this is not a bug which makes me a little angry. Why not make it go through the object without making it have extra height when it does. And a big other thing as well put in local search prefferences for crying out loud I have 1 bar every game because it’s not my country. please let me know when u care to put it in so I don’t lag don’t be selfish because your country has more people and you don’t have this problem please fix it.


Idk why but my rock wall attack doesn’t go up in the middle when a hunter is in the way sometimes or a tiny object, I thought they fixed this.


When I was Torvald it smacked me, and dissipated. Rock Wall is still strange.


they did fix it but if you summon the wall too close to you it will always have a hole in it as to not clip you into it.


I feel like rock wall has gotten worse since the micro patches… At least tongue grab is good now I guess.


They said it sometime still happens. This rock wall is the most buggy thing I have ever seen I want it to go through object like hills rocks and it still be even the height of it. Why can’t it merge with it


Yes, that’s exactly what happens to me


because that would mess with the geometry of the level, it would be clipping. There are some objects it will go through, but not most objects


But I don’t summon it close, at least not close enough to go through me


if its within a certain area of you it will come up broken/around you


Why not make it go through every object to make it stay up instead of it breaking every time


don’t ask me, ask the devs @MacMan could you please clarify?


:confused: idk, if it is that, then I really don’t like it, if the rock wall is going up like that, then it shouldn’t let you use it, like many times, I have an incapped hunter and I wanna finish it and I use rock wall and the middle it’s still open, it’s annoying


I believe it is because it does damage. You can’t have an invisible entity go through terrain and still do damage due to collision detection. This would be my guess.


It won’t break the game if it went through objects if only they put it in what’s the problem


I would rather it do no damage so it would go up at least I want to block them not attack them with it


I think that the placement of the rock wall should look the same way Bucket’s turrets or maggie’s harpoons look like before placement( the blue animation) and the rock pillars of the rock wall that are red are the ones that can’t come up, that way you would know if you can use it or not.


Yeah lol, I barely use the rock wall to do damage.


it would be good to see what would go up, but in a hurry or battle u don’t have time to see what parts are going to go up if u could hold the button.


I just hope the bloody thing will get fixed soon and with the crappy servers. lately I have taken a long evolve break. I want to come back to it but it’s just to broken for me right now. I miss the alpha which is pretty bad if the apha worked better that’s a bad sign for this game. In the alpha I found good connection games better teammates and it was just more fun, i dont know what has happened. Do I just have the worst luck in the world or what? I’m on the xbone with this bad luck, xbone has more players then Pc but pc has more local better players what nonsense is this, all I find is retarded people and trolls pc on the other hand which I don’t have, has it all says my friends and some forum people. Should I sell my evolve? I give up. I brought the new characters for 35$ and got behemoth for free and it’s just not interesting enough with lag.