Would be great if Daisy's #1 priority was rez


So she doesn’t stand right next to me and look at me.


Changed the category to Suggestions since you’re giving one :smile:


Isn’t that her number 1 priority in combat anyway? Unless laz is on the team.


Yeah but then it requires a support cloak at just the right moment to pull off. Any competent monster would realize as soon as that patch hit. If someone goes down then just attack the body for a bit cause you know the dumb dog wants the rez more than she doesn’t want to die

It’s good that she runs sometimes.It give the team an ability to distract monster and get trapper up while he focuses dog. And if she didn’t run away from monster it would be like down hunter = down on daisy cause shes going body camp


Is it a distance thing? Goliath had knocked me far away when I was downed. Daisy came over to my body, but simply did not rez. Just stood about 5m away. Goliath and the three other Hunters (no Lazarus) were at least 30m away continuing the fight. Daisy did nothing. Goliath eventually came back and finished me off after about 15-20 more seconds.


Thats sounds like a bug tbh, Daisy AI isn’t exactly the greatest but she generally knows when to Rez and when not to.


This is where an ability to tell Daisy to Revive or Track would be super useful.


In early and mid game when playing as the Monster, I feel no more victory in a Dropship return than I do in a standard incap. I’m just trying to get strikes at that point…unless the Hunter group is really new or bad and I can finish them off that early. I don’t mind if Daisy gets the Hunter up.


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