Would anyone like to help make a music video?

Ive had this music video in mind and I want to make it. I want to make it to support and show TRS that their game is amazing and I am so happy that they made it in my lifetime. So far I have 2 people helping and a possible 3rd, but I need at least 5 people to help. Basically I’m going to be directing the video and I basically need actors and what not to help replicate badass scenarios for such a video. It’ll take a while but my dedication of this video is to TRS.


Possible Helper:

This is on PC so if you wanna help and be part of this video, comment below. Live long and game on! :slight_smile:

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PS4 ;-;
Oh well, Good luck you guys ^^
Post it on the forums when you’re done yeah? O.O

~Watches Senpai from a distance~

Wow this sounds cool. I would help, but i’m not on pc.

In the credits I’ll say a thank you to anyone that wanted to help. How about that? :slight_smile:

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Seems too undeserved doesn’t it? O.O

Any support given is support to be recognized


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D’awwwww. Then I wouldn’t mind >.<

Best of Luck ^^

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Any ideas of what sort of scenarios you’re gonna create?

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I have most planned out but I have holes that I’ll need to fill. If you come up with a scenario and I like it, you’ll get the proper credit you deserve :slight_smile:

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Sounds cool. I’ll post if I think of a good one :smiley:

You’re gonna need a scene with Cabot amping the monster “100% on your weapons people”, then Parnell using SS. Would look so sweet. Maybe.

If you still need more people to help you, I’m fresh. :smile:
Uhm… well, maybe… when will you need help?

Yeah I’ll take you! I’m gonna start this coming Tuesday btw :slight_smile:

If there’s a part where you appreciate TRS “support”, then you should put Bucket and his sentry guns screaming “YAY” :blush:

Edit: I don’t know how you want your video, so it might be a silly idea :sweat_smile:


Will do :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can I also ask: what song is this video for, or are you making your own?

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I would help but I’m on Xbox one :confused:


I am always happy to help.
Anything for an awesome music video dedicated to this awesome game. Evolve is super awesome.
I don’t wanna spoil the video by saying the name of the Music. But still u guys can have a look at his work here:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFnnTVW4k2k

Any help will be appreciated
Thank you

:smile: :smiley: :blush:

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I can help, I have a semi decent mic but I have software to fix it and I have a kickass phone for recording audio.

Kik me or WhatsApp me @ HajimeLong
Or just invite me into a group massage with @midnightroses or anyone you need.

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I’ll help if need be.

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