Would an Arachnid-based Monster be a Bad Idea?


T4R. I feel like a good monster player with access to a giant spider might result in more people quitting matches out of sheer arachnophobia.

Now, before you poke fun and/or disagree with me, imagine, how would you feel if you were searching a bush and got pounced on (in first person mind you) by a giant, beady eyed creature with 8 furry legs. The developers would probably have to add “horror” to the genre type.


Oh you are not alone. There have been many many spider/arachnid threads.

We just have to hope the devs are working on one and hopefully it’s feasible enough to implement! :smiley:


How about a spider monster that could create webs all over the map to improve its mobility, could be pretty interesting.


Actually, I’m not sure I am hoping for one. Like i said up in my thread, this might be a bad idea.


Where I live we have these blue wasps that are harmless to humans but hunt and kill the giant wolf spiders that are 3 or 4x their size.

These things:


I would love to terrify Hunters! :smiling_imp:


I was thinking of an arachnid wildlife. It would be like a cross between a Megamouth and a Dune Beetle, using proximity to catch Hunters off guard, but when its prey escapes it returns to its hole and resets itself for later


I wonder how many people had to return skyrim


Maybe it could place a passive web that had a stamina bar over large expanses of land, as long as the spider is touching it it slows down any creatures in it and shows them through walls as if the monster was constantly smelling. Things like Hyde’s flamethrower could get rid of it, and the web would only last so long. This monster could focus on setting up traps and luring the hunters to it’s lair.


Those spiders don’t freak me out as band, heck, I’ve played Earth Defense Force and the spiders there don’t creep me out at all.

But the thought of a smart, player controlled spider with a design emphasised on freaking out the hunters does not exactly sound fun to me.


I think a spider in evolve won’t happen, much like the velvet worm wont
Realistically it would be able to trap the hunters pretty handily


The spider should be a great monster to walk on the wall of the map !
in cave she could wait for hunters stuck at the ceiling to brain or attack !
she could create little spider to help her in fight or delay hunters.


How about no? Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobia’s. I’m not sure people want to be chased around by a giant spider. ^.-


So then perhaps a giant mutant rabbit monster?
just kidding @MidnightRoses :wink:


How dare thee!
Make the spiders, I’ll deal with it. ^.^
No rabbits. :stuck_out_tongue:


:smiley: I still want an aquatic monster and an aquatic map :frowning:


That would be hard to implement. Maybe in 2019. :smile:


do arachnid phobia ppl fear spiderman?


For me it doesn’t have to be a spider, just a huge arachnid/insect monster. Something vastly different from the current cast.


I know. I can dream though.
But the spider is a must have
A monster that hunts the hunters instead.
kind of like a trapper class monster :slight_smile: