Would a monster eat another monster?

Like, if there were two monsters and one of them died, would the surviving monster eat its bro?

I’m working on a little something, so I really want to find out.

@Matthew, perhaps you could help shine some light on this matter?

I mean I wouldn’t doubt it. I’m sure it would

I know you can’t eat the corpses of your minions in nest and defend game modes…

I bet Goliath would eat a Wraith


…No. That was bad.

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I know ~.~


Yeah, that’s what worries me.




I need to face @Quirkly sometime. Was just about to once and the game dropped. Hey, add me on steam: SledgePainter, same avatar.

Depends on what they’re made of, maybe monster flesh doesn’t feed them what they need to evolve.

I added you ^.^
I still remember those matches on Dam ~.~
You…your traps…drove me insane


Doubted it but one of the evac game on wraith map said that a wraith flight against another monster.

Ooooh! That sounds interesting! I’ll see if I can spam the map enough to force the dialogue. :smiley: Do you remember what characters had this dialogue?

It was from the dude who give the pre mission SOS signals on wraith trap. Spam it enough and that dialogue should come out when you start the mission.

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Hmm monster eating monster,

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No it was good.


Keep em laughs coming, I MUST reach my goal to be a two(?) centurion!

I really wish you could eat the minions in defend if one dies. It makes me sad that I cant.