Would a developer please answer this?


@MacMan @SlabOMeat Would you please answer this for me

So along time a go if anyone remembers when the Savage Golaith trailer came out the developers hid a secret message and also giving us the hint “use your ears” which I’m pretty sure was the wraith sound effect at the end of the trailer.

What i would like now is to know if there are any other hints or clues depicting different map, hunters or even monster. Mostly because finding that secret message was so much fun.

I myself have seen a few things that i swear looked different and would be perfect for things like that.


There are a few fun things in the released build. Not many, but a few. I can’t think of anything in any of the trailers though.

5th Monster has been here all along? Theory

Would any happen to be in the pictures during the evacuation waiting screen?


Yay! Looking forward to finding some easter eggs!!!


I agree with you there :smiley: