Would a campaign mode have worked?

A lot of people who don’t like the game have complained about the lack of offline modes, with the fact that there is no campaign being the main target of many critics. I was just wondering if a campaign mode would have worked in a game like Evolve. It would have been nice to experience the lore of the world and the back-stories of the characters in-game, but I don’t believe it’s necessary. The only real way I could see a campaign mode working would be in a tutorial-style way just pointing out the basics, but that wouldn’t be a real campaign. I think the real fun with Evolve comes from the multiplayer aspects and player choice, and game modes that lack these would be anti-fun.


Yeah its a shame that there was no campaign but its so would not fit the game like you said but I would have liked to see cutscenes implemented in the game somehow.


Yeah cutscenes would have been neat, I know there are some videos in the extras to watch, but that’s not really the same. Maybe having them after level milestones or reaching elite with a character would have worked somehow.


Adding in a campaign for this game wouldn’t have been a good idea IMO
Kind of like it wasn’t for Titanfall.

There is so much interesting lore and such, but only people who come here to the forums really know anything about it. Those casuals are missing out! It’s something where I would rather have a separate Evolve game that’s the more classic “follow the story” video game.

So you have your story Evolve game and your multiplayer Evolve game.


A campaign would have to be very different from the main game to work.
I think a lore section of the game would have been better but that probably was too expensive.

It’s 2015. Games shouldn’t be required to have single player/coop campaigns.


I disagree.

There are plenty of multiplayer-centric games that have achieved great success by investing in an engaging single-player campaign.
I think a campaign in Evolve would have really given turtle rock more creative freedom and reduce the community’s scrutiny of multiplayer balancing.

There could be a campaign for the hunters, and another one for the monsters. It could have a chapter-by-chapter format that allows the player to experience every character.
i.e. Chapter 1 Hunter campaign is the first four, and there’s a series of levels leading up to their encounter with the Goliath. And for the monster campaign, it could be Goliath’s little journey from wherever he came from to a climactic battle for his planet.

Maybe instead of going from stage one to three in a single mission, campaign monsters could level up by a point or two after every mission?

I could go on, but I just wanted to say that
I think it was a collossal missed opportunity.


I feel like a campaign is worth it and I would definitely be willing to shell out even more money on this game if one were developed. This new universe is already story rich and deserves to have images attached to this lore instead of leaving it to our imaginations.

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To be honest if there was a campaign this is how I think it would have been done, and while I think it could have worked to some extent I don’t think it could have added much to Evolve. For me at least Evolve is all about playing with others and experimenting with comps and working as a team, and I feel a campaign mode would have completely taken all that away.

Not necessarily. It would give a really chill and engaging way to enjoy this new universe when your friends aren’t on or you wanna kick it cinema style with some popcorn. Hell I think a movie could be made from this.

If my friends weren’t on I’d just go online and play in a pub, but I do think for some a campaign would be great fun. And yeah, I could definitely see Evolve working as a movie, or even a TV show considering the lore of the game seems so well written and the characters are all incredibly interesting.

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But we can only dream :frowning: it will more than likely never happen.

Yeah it’s a real shame Evolve wasn’t as well received as it was thought to be. I remember all the hype pre-release, then the whole day-one DLC issue put a lot of people off. I really think TRS could have approached the game in a much better way than they did, it’s a shame really.

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A campaign would have worked but it would be extremely tricky i mean evac in a very small way is a campaign mode except its not a linear story. If they were to do a campaign would it be hunter/monster character locked depending on where you were in the campaign or if you could switch out characters in newgame+ or any part during the story.
On a side note Evolve would work better as a TV show there is too much lore, character and story development to fit into a movie i mean they have 20 people to cover just for back stories you can’t cover that in a series of movies as well

you pretty much described hunters quest… kind-of.

Battlefield is a very popular game, and one of my favourites. It does, though, have an undeniably abysmal campaign. A game doesn’t need a solid solo experience to be considered good. It just needs to be a good game, and I think evolve has done a great job of multiplayer.

We’re not saying that evolve is bad because of no good solo experience. We’re simply talking about how we believe that, with one, evolve could skyrocket it’s playerbase as story telling campaigns are amazing for the brain. They’re downright addictive.